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photos of athlete Phil Gaimon

Phil Gaimon: From World Tour Cyclist to "Worst Retirement Ever"

Apr 132020

Phil Gaimon is a former World Tour professional cyclist who has since retired from the racing side of the sport and has now forged a new cycling path with his current endeavor. Still an active cyclist Phil has now created the “Worst Retirement Ever” where he documents his travels while looking to take down all of the current “K.O.M.’s” wherever he ends up.

We visited Phil in his newly adopted Los Angeles home to find out how this new lifestyle of his came to be.

““There was a point where I was 30 and I wasn’t really getting an offer that made sense, so I decided to hang it up and announce my retirement. I had a bit of a fan base but no outlet for it so then I kinda decided that maybe this isn’t done, and I re-birthed myself.””