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Images from PIK Your Line 2019 Skateboarding Session

PIKnik Your Line 2019

Jan 222020

What makes skateboarding great and differs it from other physical activities is that majority that skates consider it more as a lifestyle and art of individual expression of themselves. Even though you can't deny its sport component (after all skateboarding will make a debut at this year's Olympics in Tokyo) pristine hanging out with friends and having a session with them will always represent true essence of pushing around on a wooden toy with four wheels. If you add grill, food, drinks and music to all what we mentioned above, you are guaranteed to have some bloody good time.


PIK Your Line is organised by Snowboard/Skateboard Club Sensei and Slovenian Skateboard Federation with a support of Monster Energy. PIK Your Line used to take place in an indoor DIY skatepark, which local skaters from Maribor set up in the old textile factory PIK, hence the name of the event. However skaters were forced to leave the place this year due to financial issues.


But whenever some door gets closed, new one opens and Maribor recently got a brand new, modern and the biggest skatepark in Slovenia., which became a new location of PIK Your Line. Being outdoors on some nice, sunny December day, a grill came as a good idea to get the ball rolling.


Like in previous years skaters from almost every region of Slovenia came to shred with their Maribor buddies. There were also a Croatian and Austrian crew that spiced the atmosphere even more. Of course we took some pictures and filmed the action so feel free to click on a link HERE to see what was going down. We expect a lot of happening this year in MB Skatepark; from spontaneous and organised sessions to all kind of contests, therefore don't be a stranger. Drop by. Trust us. You won't be sorry!


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