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Saturday's images around the box area

Pitbox fast facts with Monster Energy pilots.

Jun 212016

Before they hit the track at the Catalunya MotoGP, we headed to the pit box of Alex Rins and Tito Rabat to get some fan requested facts from our riders.

Do you have any superstitions before races? Anything you wear on for luck?

Alex: I have no superstitions but what I have is a ritual when I'm dressing up my leathers to go on the track. I like to do it always in the same sequence.  Tito: Yes, I touch my head and my crown jewels ;-)

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done / given you?

Alex: The weirdest thing I've ever got from a fan is a tanga underwear.  Tito: Well, I always get romantic and weird stuff from the fans, I can’t even mention it, I am very embarrassed.

When was the first race you ever won?

Alex: The first race I've ever won was in motocross , Catalonian championship when I was 6.  Tito: 2005, here at Montmelo, that was a great feeling.

Most Memorable race?

Alex: My most memorable race I've ever done was on valencia 2013. Because I was racing for the title and I have our all of me. It was decided in the last corner and I was happy even when I didn't get t.

What age were you when you first rode a motorbike?

Tito: 2 years old, it was a gift for Los Reyes a Spanish celebration after Christmas.  Alex: I rode a bike for my first time when I was 3.