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Power Fest 2017. Drag and drift racing event in Slovakia. 2017.

Power Fest 2017

May 092017

1st of May is traditionally all about relax, spending time with families and enjoying the extra day off. However, for a real motor sport fan, there was something extra on the Labour Day. Drag, Drift and Tuning fair Power Fest that took place traditionally at the Slovakia Ring close to Bratislava, offered all fans of unique cars a relaxing day full of horse power.

Friendly atmosphere, smiley faces and smell of gasoline or burnt-out tires... that‘s what is this event all about. Power Fest is mainly based on sprint competition, which included 161 registered vehicles from five different countries this year. The races took place all day at the finish line of the circuit in three categories – Cars Profi, Cars Street and Motorcycles.


Best absolute time 6,883s at a speed of 176 km/h performed local rider Erik Fehér with over 1,000 horsepower Nissan Skyline. The best time in Motorcycles class won Austrian rider Markus Rottensteiner on supercharged drag special Honda CBR, with time 5,866s at a speed of 212km/h.

However the program wasn’t made only for fans of the extreme sprint battles. Fans of burning tires enjoyed the international drifting race, which took place just behind the sprint race. Spectacularly attractive dynamic disciplines were spiced up with a static demonstration of classic old cars and modern tuning cars that took place in the paddock ring and was organised by the Car Fans Cup series. The exhibition included 140 cars and some of them were introduced by their owners at the show & shine" banner. Paddock also included the official Subaru meeting, with some of the participants also taking place in Sprints. Bonus in this already busy program was a show of Czech professional motorbike stuntman, which took place during the lunch break.

Monster Energy ambassadors DJ Lucky Boy, Ego and MenT were also invited to Power Fest as a surprise and they had a chance to took a ride in a sprint car, enjoy a adrenalin ride with drifting professional and at the end of the day, all three of them competed on the circuit in a time race. Winner was the youngest of them, gamer and Youtube star MenT.

Winners - drag racing 1/8 mile:



P2: David Metzner (Fiat Cinquecento turbo) Poland

P3: Tomáš Polonec (Fiat 127 turbo) Slovakia

P4: Robert Nagy (drag Tatra) Slovakia

P5: Matej Káčer (Honda CRX) Slovakia

P6: Hegyi Béla (VW Polo) Hungary



S0: Tomáš Drexler (Škoda Favori) Czech republic

S1: Pintér László (Fiat Punto GT) Austria

S2: Marian Nemec (Honda Integra) Slovakia

S3: Tomáš Trzuba (Fiat Coupe Turbo) Slovakia

S4: Matej Farkaš ( Audi 90 Quattro ) Slovakia

S5: Zsolt Jóba (Nissan GTR) Slovakia

S6: Michal Gécy (Seat Leon) Slovakia

S7: Jakub Michalka (Alfa Romeo 156) Slovakia

Superfinal winners:

1. Tomáš Polonec (Fiat 127 turbo) Slovakia

2. Zsolt Jóba (Nissan GTR) Slovakia

3. Milan Bartók (Audi S8) Slovakia



M1: Lukáš Schiffer (Yamaha R6) Slovakia

M2: Ondrej Cerovský (Suzuki GSX-R 750) Slovakia

M3: Radovan Mačai (Yamaha R1) Slovakia

M4: Ondrej Cerovský (Kawasaki ZX10R) Slovakia

M5: Markus Rottensteiner (Honda CBR 1000RR) Austria

Best ET of the race (1/8 mile):

cars: Erik Fehér ( Nissan Skyline): 6,883 @ 176km/h

bikes: Markus Rottensteiner (Honda CBR 1000RR): 5,86 @ 212km/h

Results drifting:

1.Magyar Tamás, Mercedes (HU), 2.Petri Róbert, BMW (HU), 3.Franz Kuncic Nissan (A), 4.Bimbó József, BMW (HU)