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Apr 212016

The event will include a official 1st round of Slovak sprint championship as well as 2nd round of Czech championship Shell Automotosprint ČR. Both sprint races will be run on 402 metres distance. Apart form the main event, there will be also accompanying contests such as Car Fans cup 2016, which is meeting and style competition of modified and precious cars or US Cars Meeting, which will include the beauty contest and measurement of dB of exhausts. We have talked about the history and the current event with organizer Peter Kovács:


Your events have currently great interest among fans and media alike, but let`s go back to the very beginning. How did you get to drag racing and organizing professional races in this discipline?

Drag racing has been my passion ever since I first saw television footage of the races in the United States. Later sprint madness got into Eastern Europe, and around 2003 we made a first trip to Hungary to the Hungaroring, where we first experienced goose bumps from launches of extreme street machines. The experience kicked us and in 2005, we organised our first race at the closed two-lane road in the centre of Rimavská Sobota, which was attended by approximately 6,000 spectators.

This year there is a new location – Trenčín airport. What can visitors look forward to?

Trenčín is in our case the old-new location because we have been regularly organizing events there in the years 2008 to 2013, and only in the last two years, it was missed out from the calendar. Trenčín concrete offers drivers the best grip of all Slovak and possibly also Czech tracks and times that are achieved there can be compared with times achieved on primed surfaces. Trenčín always attracts professional teams from neighbouring countries, so visitors can look forward to a really extreme concentration of horsepower. Apart from dragsters with over 1,500 HP there will be also supercars, modified street carts, large-americas and motorcycles whose owners are not showing off in traffic, but choose to measure their skills in safe and professional conditions.

Do you have any advice for potential buyers who would like to participate in races themselves?

The advice would be to increase performance of their drag specials to the max, because at this track, there is a chance to break your personal records.

Do you also participate in the races? In what car?

Yes, I also take part from time to time, currently in street BMW 335xD F31, but I have won a few trophies in smaller category on modified Fiat Bravo 1.4 turbo in the past.

What is your dream car?:)

Dream car? : D Well, you`ve caught me off guard... For drag racing, I would like to have built 10-second vehicle (which can do ¼ mile in 10 seconds) with 4x4 drive and over 800 HP, which would be able to drive in normal traffic.

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