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Prague Conspiracy


Feb 142016

The official video for first single from the upcoming album Inner Game of Prague’s favourite rock&roll band Prague Conspiracy will be officially released on 17th of February in SLUŠNEJ KANÁL music bar. The video for song called Times Like These will be officially screened in the bar and the release will be followed by an unique unplugged concert. We have talked with the band about their new video, upcoming album and the tour that will follow the album release.

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Premiere of the official video for a new singel Times Like These from the upcoming second album Inner Game takes palce on Wednesday. Can you tell us what is the video about and where did you shoot it?

The video captures an atmosphere during recording our new album. It includes moments from the studio, from our van, but also from the concerts we played by that time. Everything is authentic and honest. It is basically us, half naked, only in sweatpants and with a rubber band in our hair. There are also some funny moments as well.

It has been three years since the first album Renegates, where did the Prague Conspiracy moved since that time?

Forward! A lot. We have definitely got more relaxed, the band got tighter together and apart from rock and punk we gave a space also for some slower songs. I would definitely say it is more “musical” album then the first one.

The new album has been produced by favourite Czech producer Yarda Helešic. How did you like the colaboration? Can we expect also some move in terms of sound and arranges?

The previous album was recorded live so we could get there the energy and rawness of our concerts. This time, we woanted a little more. Yarda can perfectly motivate the band and is an absolute professional. So he could squeeze the best out of us, but at the same time he didn’t push us anywhere, we wouldn’t like to be. the album is definitely more mature than the previous one. However it is still about the voice, guitar, bass and drums. We didn’t want any synths and samples, as it is common in many modern bands. We don’t like the overproduced sound. The mix is really awesome and the master will be done in Nashville, thanks to our friends Bitch&Chips, who found there amazing mastering studio. So the sound is very promising.

At the release party at Slušnej kanál, you will play an unplugged set. Do you enjoy it? Is it something we can expect more often in future?

We kinda enjoy that, but our fans enjoy it even more. They are surprised that even this position works with us. In comparasion with normal concerts it is not so energetic, but it is more melodic. We already have some offers for unplugged gigs from time to time so I guess we will play like that a few times in a year.

I am sure you also plan a tour for the new album. Can you tell us more information? Where will your fans able to see you or who are you going to tour with?

We will always play with local bands in each city, which doesn’t mean they will not be any good. We have booked many great bands such as Rabies. The Prague’s release party will include Lukemo (ex Clou and Stepson) and Imodium so it is going to be a great party. Every gig will be actually great! All the dates can be found on our website or events at our FB page.