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Professional Motorcycle Racer Rehana Reya Interview with Monster Energy

Jun 232020

“I love the speed and the vibe on the race track,” says Rehana Reya, one of India’s finest rides, who is determined to break barriers and win the race of life, one racing track at a time. For her, it’s the thrill of speed and races that overcome all other fears. She believes there will be no success in racing without hustle and that no hustle will ever be worthwhile unless she puts her heart and soul in it. Rehana Reya is not only speeding up to cross the finish line on the racing track, but also writing her own story as she likes to go beyond boundaries and become an example for the generations to come. Here’s her story. Read on.   

How did you start your journey? 

I was always fond of bikes. I remember, when I was a teenager, I used to borrow my friends’ bikes. As time passed, I realized  I was good at riding and that I could ride on a racing track one day if I put in the effort to train myself. That’s how my journey started. I started riding bikes at the age of 18. What was only a hobby for a brief period, soon turned into an ambition. This is where it has brought me, and here is what I have become today, a national champion.

Did you always want to do this?

Not really. I never dreamt of becoming a racer. But with time, I developed my skills and started getting accustomed to the race track. That is when I realized I had found my passion and then it was only about working towards one goal, of becoming a professional level racer.   

Tell us about some of the Hurdles you faced?

Well, I believe no goals can be achieved without hard work and motorsports, especially, requires a lot of perseverance and hard work. I had to overcome a lot of hurdles, not only financially, but emotionally, as well. This passion comes with a cost and investment; the cost of riding gear, safety kits and the bike itself. I never in my life thought that I could own a bike. All credit goes to my parents for supporting me all the way long and sticking by me through all my struggles. 

What energised you about what you do?

While we all work on our strengths to create a balance and perfect our skills, we all need some support to achieve BIG dreams. And at that time, it is Brands like Monster Energy that stay right by our sides and support us all the way that make a difference. They keep pushing us to do better and reach newer heights. Monster Energy always helps me stay strong and hydrated on the track.  

Which is the dream race you want to participate in?

It’s every rider’s dream to race on MotoGP circuits track. However, I would also love to ride in the Dakkar Rally, which is the world’s toughest and biggest off-road enduro race. Apart from that, I do hope to participate in all the World Cup Women's Championships and make my country proud.

What life lessons did you learn from racing?

Racing has been a way of life and has taught me to never give up, no matter how tough the path gets. It has taught me to be strong, determined, and march towards my dream without losing hope and belief.  

I am being responsible and staying back home. Obviously, I am disappointed that I can’t go on the track but I am following my routine workout so that I able to perform well once I get back on the race track. I am also spending quality time with my family and friends, and request everyone to do the same. 

Which is your favourite Monster Energy Flavour?

Mango Loco. I love its flavour and taste. 

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