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Images from the 2016 filming project with Terry Grant in Ibiza

Project El Tel

Oct 192016

Picture the scene; you’re in Ibiza, the sun is shining, and the clock is ticking to get over to the legendary Café Mambo to check out the sunset vibes. It’s nearly time to party long into the night. Then your phone buzzes; the cab is outside. Go time.

This isn’t an ordinary taxi though. A 600bhp Range Rover SVR has pulled up in a cloud of tyre smoke. The driver? Multiple world record holder, athlete, and UK based stunt driver Terry Grant.

On the final run down to Mambo, with the sea and sunset, in sight, Terry flicks the Range Rover onto its side.  Defying gravity, and balancing 2.3 tons of car on two wheels, you can reach out of the window and almost touch the road. As you nose level with Mambo’s entrance, Terry hits the brakes, and you’re back on four wheels.


“We made a little bit of history with this project; officially shutting the roads between Villa Mercedes and Café Mambo,” Terry told us. “What a fantastic opportunity to blast around the streets in Ibiza, and give some unsuspecting people the taxi ride of their lives.”