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Imagery of JSL ambassador that we will use to help support the Monster launch in India

Put Your Hands Up for the Hip Hop Desi Swagger: JSL

Mar 302018

He's a singer, a performer and a highly-regarded international artist. He's Jaspal Singh, better known as just "JSL Singh," and he's from New Delhi, India. You may know him from his cover of "Kolaveri Di," which he calls "Kolaveri Punjabified." Or you may know him as a producer, specifically of hit songs like "Diljit Dosanjh," "Fan Bhagat Singh Da" and "Miss Lonely," among others. Known for his mix of western, Punjabi, melody and club music, JSL Singh also fuses South Asian folk with western compositions to the delight of his fans. Among his many accolades and accomplishments, he's also known for producing music for Punjabi Cinemas.

Perhaps the most notable thing that signifies JSL Singh as one of Punjabi's best artists, whether it's in India or abroad, is his nomination for "Best Sound" at the PTC Awards in the back-to-back years of 2012 and 2013. His work has also racked up lots of views on YouTube, radio and online music channels -especially his renowned track "Loongi."From his catchy, folk-infused, energetic melodies that have brought joy and excitement to Indian and Punjabi music fans, to his work as a director, Bollywood hits and various albums, JSL Singh is one of the rising performers in India today. With an increasing fan base and a dedication to his craft, the accolades are likely to keep piling up. Keep your eyes on this rising top artist as he aims to become one of the world's best.