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Riso Tury skate trip to China 2016

Q&A with Rišo Tury about his trip to China

May 042016

Our Slovak skateboarding star Rišo Tury has arrived from China a few days ago and we have asked him about his experience.


Rišo, for how long you have been to China and with who you went?

It was me, Tomáš Vintr and Honza Basny, who went on this trip to Shanghai. We spent there nine days.

How did you get on this trip?

Tomáš called me one day saying that he and Honza are planning to go to China and whether I want to go as well. I counted my money to find out if I have enough for the flight ticket and I have bought the ticket right the following day.

Awesome, where did you live? Some punk place or something stylish?

It is a bit crazy in China, the ordinary hotel can be quite extreme that cannot be described. We did run away from one of them and than we moved to a nice hotel in the city center.

Run away? What happened?

After we arrived, we didn’t catch the last bus from the airport and we had to sleep one night at the airport, where we didn’t sleep much, of course. After that, we arrived to another hotel, which we have booked before and it was so bad that we couldn’t stay there. I am used to sleep on floor etc., but this was something else… So we left.

How about the positive experience? How did you enjoy the spots and the tricks?

It was great! The only down point is that it rained for three days, which is normal in Shanghai in this time of a year. So we had three days of rain, 2 cloudy days and four days of beautiful blue sky. There are loads of marble spots so we were shooting nonstop any time the weather allowed us. I would like to get back as soon as possible.

The main aim of your trip was videoshooting. When can we expect the release and what can we look forward to?

We have been shooting for more projects and one of them is my video part. If we make it on time, the premiere of one of my parts will be at the Grand Prix Beroun on 25th of June 2016.

What shot are you most proud of?

It’s a tricky question... All shots I had trouble to land the tricks :) Come to see it yourselves at GrandPrix and you will see.