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Q & A with Tom Schaar

Jun 012016

As skateboarders from around the globe roll into 2016’s X Games Austin event, we rewind to when Tom Schaar headed down under, for the Vans Pro Skate Park Series stop #1 in Melbourne, Australia. Tom chats us through Australia, along with all things skateboarding.

Yeah thanks, man. Stoked to be here!

Yeah the park is really fun! It’s a bit smaller than what I had thought, but still, I mean everyone is killing it out there right now so it definitely seems like everyone likes it.

Yeah there’s that, but it’s just a really fun bowl. I mean, I’d rather be skating than back at the hotel room doing nothing, so, might as well (laughs).

Absolutely! We’ve all being staying together down here and been hanging out. We’ve skated a lot together before, as well as guys like Greyson (Fletcher), so it’s cool to have them all down here.

Well, with best-run-counts contests, I just try to string together like one ‘safe’ run, to get myself on the board. From there, just throw down and try to beat my score – or bail, either way (laughs).

Oh man…if I had to choose? Backsi…frontside actually. Yeah, frontside (laughs).



(Laughs)…pretty sweet!


Tom will be competing at X-Games, Texas in Mens Skateboard Park and Big Air from the 2nd to 5th of June, 2016