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Qualifying rounds at Matterley Basin MXON

Q&A With Tommy Searle

Oct 012017

We caught up with former three times world championship, Tommy Searle before all the MXoN madness kicked off!

Who are you & What do you do?

I’m Tommy Searle, I’ll be racing here at the Motocross of Nations, Matterley Basin for team Great Britain

What is the Motocross of Nations?

Some people call it the Olympics of Motocross. It’s where each country picks their best riders and they all come together to represent their country in a race.

Have you ridden this course before? What do you think of it?

I was first chosen to represent Team GB in 2006 at this same venue in Matterley Basin. Most years they have a GP here, so I’ve raced that. It’s one of the best tracks. I think for every racer, it’s one of their favourites of the year. It’s situated in a bowl so the fans get to see everything. It’s never normal that you can see the whole track so this one is special.

What is are the main differences between riding in MXGP and MXON?

The difference between a normal MXGP race and the MXoN is that you’re not riding for yourself, you’re riding for your country so there’s that much more passion and pride. The whole event is way bigger. It brings in such a big crowd. It’s a one off event and it’s massive compared to MXGP.

What does winning the motocross of nations mean to you?

To win the MXoN would just mean the world to me, I’ve won GP’s individually but never as a team. Just to be on the podium would be amazing but to win, I couldn’t even imagine that. Especially winning it at home.

Anything you’d like to say to the fans who will be coming to watch on the MXoN?

The fans are going to have a great weekend. It’s a small part of the weekend, coming to watch the race. It’s a whole experience. For the rest of their lives, it’s a day that they can remember and talk about for years and years to come.