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images from day 2 - David Malacrida


Jan 242018

The young Swedish ripper has bounced back from injury to aim his sights on smashing the competitions and hit the FMB Diamond World Tour in 2018.


We caught up with the 21 year old in between his travels, to get the lowdown on his new edit and what we can expect from Max in the year to come.


Tell us a bit more about this edit and how it all come together to produce it?

Me and my childhood friend Andreas both have a huge interest in making videos. We spontaneously threw some camera gear and my big bike into the car and drove up north to Järvsö Bike park to put our heads together and create something cool on our Swedish home soil.

Why did you choose the Järvsö bike park? What inspired you to shoot there?

Järvsö bike park isn't the biggest mountain or anything but it has some really smooth trails and a scenic environment. We really just wanted to make a video in the Swedish fall conditions, so we jumped at the opportunity to ride and film during the last weekend of the season.

Tell us about some of your favourite moments – both in the edit and shooting/behind the scenes...

It was all good times during this shoot, since me and the filmer are long time friends, laughs and high fives is the way to go! Järvsö really gave us some great hospitality over the weekend and made sure that we had a sick time. So thanks to the JBP crew for that!

Tell us a bit more about the production side of the edit, how many days, who you filmed with, any interesting stories or fun facts?

We rode and filmed for 2 whole days. We had a pretty clear vision about how we wanted the video to look, but the whole idea was to shoot it for fun and just create a cool looking video. Since we've known each other for a long time and know each others style of content creation, it’s easy to understand each other and work well as a team with no misunderstandings. It’s always easier to shoot with likeminded people.

You are most well known for your MTB career on your slope and jump bike – What was it like to go out and rip your DH machine?

I come from a racing background, so I love all kinds of riding. The slopestyle season is pretty hectic, so I try to jump at every opportunity I get to ride the DH bike and get some laps in!

How has it been being back on the bike after a series of injuries in 2017 – It must be good to be out shredding again?

Being back is the greatest feeling ever. After those injuries that kept me off the bike for such a long time I feel like I've found a new kind of hunger for riding and competing!

What’s new from Max in 2018? What are your plans looking like and what can we expect ?

I’m going to ride the whole FMB season and some other cool events in 2018, I’ve recently started making my own videos and will throw up as much of that as possible!

Tell us about your ideal Bike Park DH bike and how you set it up?

I’m running the NS Bikes Fuzz Frame with Sram Components, Rock Shox Suspension and Novatec Wheels with Continental Tires. I run my bike pretty stiff while riding bike parks, since I normally ride a Hard Tail setup.

What are your 5 essentials on a day out filming?

Warm Clothes, Trail Mix, A can of Monster, Tools and a ton of batteries!