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Stunt Rider Radislav Mihajlov


Apr 112018

..When I was 14, and for the first time spotted the Monster claw on the drivers' helmets, I thought, "Wow, what is this madness?" I did not realize that one day I would be in the same green family..

Let's meet Radislav Mihajlov - Stunt driver.

"Man, I want to do this too!" After many years of effort, here is where I am now.

Where does the desire to streamline human power into the horse power?

Until I had a license for motorcycle, I was riding a bicycle like most kids today - a bit on the back wheel and trying out various things. At that time, my brother had a motorcycle and sometimes we would go to some places where I could ride without a license. As soon as I got one, that same year I began to learn to drive a motorcycle on the back wheel. After that, I saw some riders who were at the very top of that sport at the time, and thought: "Man, I want to do this too!" After many years of effort, here is where I am now.

Alone against everyone in Serbia. Where do you draw energy and motivation?

Unfortunately, no matter how much success has been achieved, there are few people here who value and respect it. For all these years, besides my private sponsors and friends there was no help, but in time I realized that all this should not touch me too much and that I must fight for my dreams alone. Such a trend is for people to remember to help you when they think they will benefit from it. Although it's a tough 6 days a week to have 2 workouts per day (motor and gym), so if I don’t drive, my life at this moment would not make sense. I lie in bed with thoughts about the motorcycle, and I also wake up with them. I am motivated by various stunt drivers, not only by them, but also people from other sports such as, for example, Valentino Rossi, Conor McGregor, etc. I understand their efforts and commitment, which they have all given up to come where they are now.

Monster crew and you. How did everything go?

I was a guest at the "Masters of Dirt" show a few years ago and I was introduced to the part of the team. After that we started to socialize and went together for various events. They recognized my effort and dedication, so today I am part of the Green Army.

You had a couple of breaks due to injuries. Even three surgeries. How fast did you manage to get back into the game?

In the world of extreme sports, injuries are a common thing, and especially for those who give the daily maximum and move their borders. I had three shoulder surgeries and various injuries, but my biggest problem is always the question of how much time will pass until I return on my motorcycle. I always managed to get back relatively quickly and never think about what would happen if I fell again and what could happen. When I start to wonder – I’ll know this is no longer for me. On the other hand, fear is, to some extent good, because it protects you.

What drives you more - competitions, demo rides, trainings..? Is there a jitters from a crowed?

I always give my maximum, whether at a competition, a training or a show. I'm trying to be 100% concentrated. I behave as there is nothing and no one around me. The only difference is when I drive a show - then I need to communicate with the crowed. Over time I used to, and almost every day I have an audience at training, so generally I have no problem with it. It works most when I do a good ride and I see smiling faces and kids who come to take a picture.

The most intimate moment between you and your motorcycle?

It's definitely the moment when I'm practicing a new trick. When I try something new, I never know how I will land, whether I go fast enough etc... At some moments I just feel that the motorcycle and I function as one and it's a feeling that will always remain unknown to ordinary people.

With his work, effort and talent, Rade deserved to enter our 'Green Family'. We are sure that you will also dedicate your attention. Let’s follow together his progress and successes and let’s cheer for this young guy from Zrenjanin. Welcome Rade!