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Serbian Stunt Rider from Serbia, Radislav Mihajlov

Radislav Mihajlov – the only Serbian guy at MotoGP Assen

Jul 222019

The Serb warmed up the track and atmosphere for Rossi at the Moto GP race in Assen


Radislav Mihajlov (25) from Zrenjanin is the only professional stunt driver in Serbia, and recently demonstrated his skills on the motorcycle at the MotoGP Championship in Assen in front of more than 100,000 people! Appearance in Dutch Assen is one of the greatest successes in his career, and this guy rightly says that he is living his dream today and in his case, it's not just a fake phrase. You need to have a loop, attitude, and talent to be just as good as you practice while others are getting off the side of "blowing a motorcycle and find a job," but also when all eyes are turned on you, and thunderous applause almost surpasses the noise of your engine! It was working perfectly for him, and we talked to him about that.

"Immediately before my show in Netherlands, I told myself: You've been doing this for the past 10 years, now just enjoy yourself. I had no shame, the atmosphere was fantastic, I gave my maximum and the feeling is amazing "- Rade starts the story.


Stunt is a motorcycle discipline in which the driver performs acrobatics his moto, or to be more precise - most often at the rear of the moto, on a flat surface.


"I literally have to be one with my motorcycle and it's a feeling that will keep people who do not drive forever unknown. It's challenging to control a 170-kg motorcycle and you know that you cannot hold it when you get out of control,"says Mihajlov, who has brought his performance to perfection and when you watch him in action, everything works so fluidly, almost easily. 

There are about 7 million people in Serbia, and those who are dealing with a stunt can count on one hand. There are no competitions, nor moto clubs where you can learn it, so if you want to be involved, you are left to yourself. When in such an environment a teenager says that he wants a stunt to be a profession, it is clear that he will encounter a couple of raised eyebrows and ridicules words, but Rade knew that he chose a path that’s rare and was brave enough to move it. For more than a decade, he can proudly say that he has accomplished his dream because today he lives by driving the motorcycle.


- People here do not even know what a stunt is, and when I tell them I'm driving a motorcycle and I do not have another job, it's strange, unbelievable. There were always those who were telling me that "quit driving a motorcycle, there was nothing out of it, find a job," it was difficult, but I did not care about them. From the first day I focused on the fact that I want this to be my job and we have invested everything in it. I've never doubted myself, and by the appearance at the MotoGP race in Netherlands, I proved it. If there were any doubts, they have now fallen into the water."

He started to drive the motorcycle at age 14, and stunt a few years later. He watched the tricks on YouTube and then trained them perfectly on the street in his native Zrenjanin.


"First I had a scooter that was not exactly suitable for that kind of ride, and then my mom took a loan to buy me a motorcycle that we rebuilt to be adequate for the stunt and since there are no competitions here, I started competing outside of Serbia, which turned out to be a good decision because it was great for me."


It did not take much time before he became the champion of Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria in smaller categories, and later Hungarian champion in class 6 with a big motorcycle. The successes of the competitions ran in a row, and probably one of the biggest is the placement in the Top 10 drivers at the 2017 world championship. Stunt took him across Europe. The talent is here and is unquestionable, but every sport takes its toll, so the hero of our story had a serious injury that put the mark on the question of his future career and threatened to separate him from his two wheels pet. The willpower was stronger.


"Now everything looks perfect, but four years ago the things in my life were completely different, my career was very uncertain because of the injury. In 2016 and 2017, I had three shoulder surgeries and the doctor advised me to think once again whether I would like to continue driving and whether that will be my profession, however, I told him that I only live for it and that my life does not make sense if I wake up in the morning and I cannot drive the motorcycle. Then he realized that I was completely devoted to it and thanks to him and the therapist and worthwhile work I successfully recovered. Monster Energy supported me, and sometime at that time I signed the contract and became their athlete, which strengthened the cooperation and they always believed in me."


Then it was time for the Grand Prix of the Netherlands in Asen at the end of June this year.


"It's hard to describe this event with words. It's the biggest motorcycle event I've ever been able to perform. Only on the main day, on Sunday, there were about 105,000 people in the stands, and over 150,000 people went through that weekend. I have been performing all three days together with my teammate Adam Kun, who rides the flatland, which is quite similar to BMX's discipline, and every show was perfect. These people out there are crazy about the motorcycles, the hype, the noise and the atmosphere was fantastic. On the main day, I performed exactly on the track where MotoGP is driving, on the first curve. While I was working on the show, MotoGP riders roared on the grid, and after finishing as I walked along the track, the first competitors were already beside me, including Valentino Rossi, which was a such an unreal moment for me, as He's one of the drivers that I started driving. I would especially like to thank the Monster team from Holland for trusting in me and hospitality."


We were interested in what is needed to make a profession from hobbies and, to use the clichés, "live your dreams"?


"When I started driving if someone had told me that I would ride on MotoGP, I do not know if I would trust him. Without motorcycling, training and performance - I would not have a reason to wake up in the morning. But today I really live my dreams. There is no recipe for success, you have to believe in yourself and in your dream no matter what others say. Do your thing. Live the way you think it should be. I live such a life. I am persuaded in my intentions. On this path, many obstacles and injustices were awaiting me, but I had to learn to overcome it and go further. You can always go with a line of lesser resistance and say: It wasn’t meant to be."


The life of a professional athlete brings a lot of renunciation and a certain way of life that you have to adhere to before it becomes your profession.


- I train six times a week, twice a day - without exception, leaving only one day a week for rest. In the morning I usually go to the gym, this training is very important given that the body is suffering from severe stress, falls and injuries are an indispensable part of this sport. Depending on the weather, I drive in the afternoon, motorcycle or a bike. And at the training I have to give my maximum as in the competition or performance, I cannot spare myself, nor the motorcycle. As a professional athlete you have to give up many things, from some angle this life is quite boring. For example, most of my time goes to workouts, I spend my spare time with my girlfriend and my friends, I play games from hobby, rarely I go out. Someone can do it, someone does not."


We would say that this dedication, discipline and perseverance are the key characteristics that make champions, winners and great athletes.


"I believe that effort is always paid off. I do not only draw motivation from the stunts, but also from other sports and athletes. One of my role models is Conor McGregor, who from the plumber became one of the best fighters and the most famous athletes on the planet. Probably that at some point in his life he only believed in his dream. I am honored to be teammates with such people, since we are part of the Monster Energy family. It cannot be bought with money, you earn it and it motivates you to push it further."