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Talent photography - Alliance Team - Apex Legends division

#RallyYourSquad: TEAM ALLIANCE

Oct 182022

What does it take to be the best in the world… Dedication? Commitment? Non-stop-grind and self-belief? For an elite team like Alliance, it’s a combination of all the above…

To be Alliance is everything! Watch their journey NOW.

Founded in 2019, its current members are Hakis, Vaifs, Yuki & coach Pontus. Each member puts their success down to a total synergy with their squad-mates. They know each other's moves almost unconsciously; sometimes even before they have made them.


Captain Hakis - also known as John Håkansson – explains: “We want to be the best, and I have the motivation to push for that and keep grinding. From the moment I got invited to Poland for the first LAN, I loved the environment, and just instantly knew this is what I wanted to do. We trust each other completely as a team – and that comes down to synergy. We all know each other inside out. When your back is against the wall, there’s a feeling of – it’s now or never – but then afterwards we feel more united as a team! Most of us started out as nobodies, and now we are top of the top in Europe – it’s incredible and defining. If ever you fall, your team is there to catch you. To be Alliance is everything!”


As Alliance’s team captain, Hakis calls the shots and is well known for his aggressive strategies in every Apex match he plays. Although some of the plays may look chaotic from the outside-in, Alliance spends a lot of time carefully considering every move, even outside of tournaments. This strategy is even applied when onboarding new players. 

Apex Legends Manager Pontus explained: “Trust goes both ways. Everyone needs to put trust into each other’s hands. This creates an environment which makes us transparent. The more we compete, the tighter we get. We’ve brought in a new member recently - Yuki - and he’s done everything he should; we’ve grown as a team together - we are ready for the next big step as a squad now.” 

 “As an individual and now as a team, our pace is always increasing - we never give up. It means everything to me to be a part of Alliance. Ever since I started playing comp, I looked up to Alliance, and I’m still in disbelief that I was asked to join one of the strongest and most feared teams in the scene - it means everything. We have some super exciting things in the works now - so watch this space.” 


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