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Slovak Drag and drifting series Power Fest

Raw performance at Power Fest Boľkovce

Jul 312018

Burning air, throbbing engines, tire smoke and exhausts polluted the runway of the Boľkovce airport once again. The most powerful and most extreme cars in the country gathered on this year’s Power fest. Whoever wanted to see the fastest Golf of Slovakia, the Skyline with more than a thousand horsepower, the most powerful turbo supercharged FWD, brutal diesels, the luxury four-wheel rockets, the quirky specials built for sprints, or high-power motorcycles, they did not regret the visit of Novohrad despite the imperfect weather.

Traditional venue located near Lučenec welcomed the 4th round of the Slovak Championship of sprints cars and motorcycles, included in the calendar of the Slovak Motorsport Association as well as in the Slovak Motorcycle Federation calendar. Boľkovce round with the supplementary nickname “Drag Wars SK vs. HU" was also included in the Hungarian championship, therefore a lot of interesting machines arrived from south of the border.


A total of 119 sprinters from four countries were registered for the trophy fight, but due to rain, the evening's final car rides had to be canceled and the results were determined on the basis of qualifying results. Erik Fehér in Nissan Skyline did the best absolute time of 6,817 seconds at a speed of 176 kph in Car class. In the Motorcycle class, Peter Herc earned the first place wit supercharged Suzuki GSX-R, which topped the track at 5,966 s and reached a speed of 209 kph.

In addition to tandem duels, the audience could enjoy the moto stunt show performed by Hungarian professional athlete Attila Palatinusa, who showed his mastery of motorcycle and quad bike control. The fans of polished machines also came to the audition in the static zone, where audiometric measurement of extreme audio system was carried out by Audio Measuring Slovakia. The novelty of this year’s edition was the Italian cars meeting, organized by the Slovak F.A.L club.

201 m sprint winners (per category)



P1: Milan Šovčík (Honda Civic turbo)

P2: Tomáš Polonec (Fiat 127 turbo)

P3: Martin Prokop (BMW Z3 turbo)

P4: Monika Weisová (Honda Civic)

P6: Branislav Hudeček (VW Golf)



S0: Tomáš Drexler (Škoda Favorit)

S1: Juraj Holečko (Seat Ibiza)

S2: Michal Kudláč (Civic turbo)

S3: Rudolf Nowák (Fiat Coupe turbo)

S4: Peter Čižmárik (Porsche 911 GTS)

S5: Erik Fehér (Nissan Skyline)

S6: Tomáš Lupták (Seat Leon)

S7: Martin Greňo (BMW M550d)


Absolute winners:

1. Erik Fehér (Nissan Skyline)

2. Tomáš Polonec (Fiat 127 turbo)

3. Ján Banas (Nissan GTR)


M1: Michal Zeman (Yamaha R6)

M2: Ondrej Cerovský (Suzuki GSX-R)

M3: Radovan Mačai (Yamaha R1)

M4: Ondrej Cerovský (Kawasaki ZX10R)

M5: Stano Poživenec (Hayabusa turbo)



video here.