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Ready For Rover | Looking to SAMXN 2018 with David Goosen & Tristan Purdon

Feb 142018

A new year with new possibilities, we catch up with Monster Energy's current red plate holders David GoosenTristan Purdon. With both riders on top of their game and ready to take on a new year of racing in MX1 & MX2. See what they had to say as the first SA MX National heads to Rover this weekend in Port Elizabeth.

"The main idea is to have the red plate at the end of the year after all." 

Hey David, how has the off season been treating you?

The off season been good overall, I ended super busy with work over the December period and then enjoyed some time off over Christmas. When January hit the ball started rolling and things really kicked into gear when we started putting some work in on the track.

Who are you riding for in 2018?

I'm still on the same ride this year and I'm super grateful for that. So there were no major changes for me as I guess everything has been working pretty well with me on the team. Once again I'm riding Out of Africa Yamaha in the the MX1 & MX2 class. Along with Fox Racing, Motul lubricants, Pirelli tires and Monster Energy.

You have the red plate in MX2? Do you feeling any pressure holding onto it throughout the season? 

Yes correct, I'll be coming into MX2 at the Rover National with the red plate. to be honest I'm not too attached to it because anything can happen really, especially on the sandy track. The main idea is to have the red plate at the end of the year after all.  The 450 was also close last year in MX1 so hopefully I can improve on that. Ending the year with two red plates is the goal for sure and it's going to be a tactical 6 races.

Going into Rover this weekend, what are the most important things you need for a successful race day?

I think preparation is key, in our case the bikes are set up well for riding in the sand which is a very important part of it. Myself as well, I feel ready, I'm healthy and eating well. One thing I can't say enough that it is really important to stay hydrated. I did a race last week and I didn't eat or drink enough and I was really feeling it by the end of the day. Maybe I was just a little too excited to return back the racing. Overall it's a good feeling starting the new season with a new bike, fresh kit and feeling strong. 
You know how it goes in the new year... Rover will be cool, personally I'm not the biggest fan of sandy tracks but I can ride them at least. I think coming away with 2 podiums in each class would be an ideal situation. It's kind of difficult to predict as anything can happen at Rover. We'll give it our best!

"I’ve Never been so excited for a new season."  TRISTAN PURDON

Hey Tristan, how are things looking going into the season?

Sometimes it is difficult but I've faced these challenges in previous years. After spending a lot of time in Joburg last year riding. I’m now back full time on the farm and I’ve been working hard with training and putting in a lot of solid work. It’s been good overall and I’m happy to be home.

Any big preperations leading up the SAMXN series this year?

I’m pleased with my current routine, training hard and feeling fit! I ended off on a good note last year and now I’ve never been so excited for a new season.

Are you on the same ride this year? 

Yeah! Still on Out of Africa Yamaha for 2018 but this year I’ll be racing both classes. MX1 & MX2.

Any pressure defending the title for MX1 this year? 

A little but I’m not gonna let it bother me as it’s just a number on my bike. My goal is the same as always. To have fun racing my bike and let the results do the talking.

What are the 3 things you need for a good race day?

My bike, some good beats and an ice cold can of Monster.

Whats your take on the track at Rover?

I love the sand and I wish really wish there were more sandy tracks in SA. Looking forward to shredding this weekend.

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