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These are the pictures that were taken by Freecaster at the Belgian Downhill Cup 2017.

Recap of the Belgian Downhill Cup 2017

Oct 192017

The summer of 2017 is officially over now. But we can't let you go into your winter sleep without showing you this awesome recap of the Belgian Downhill Cup 2017, do we? After some challenging and insane manches in Chaudfontaine, Bouillon, La Roche and Engis, it was time for the big final in the shadow of the citadel of Namur!  

The finals of the 24th of September in Namur were epic. To celebrate this final stage in the competition we brought something extra. Chris Bruand, 4 time champion of France Moto Trial, made the crowd go absolutely crazy during his freestyle shows. He also showed his skills on the Downhill track with his motor, this is never seen before in the normally so peaceful city of Namur.


Last but not least, we brought Olympic competitor in BMX racing, Elke Vanhoof to Namur! She tried the track together with Belgian champion downhill Roos Op de Beeck, who gave her some tips and tricks to come down safely, but of course in style! 


ME: Hey Elke, what are your first impressions of the track? 


Elke: When I arrived, I was immediately overwhelmed. A very fascinating and spectacular track just in the shadow of the legendary Citadel of Namur, it really blew my mind.


ME: What do you expect from your first experience on Downhill? And what are the big differences with BMX racing?


Elke: Downhill is a lot faster than what I'm used to. Also the technical parts are more difficult, when you take your turn in a wrong way here, you can end up into the trees really fast. BMX racing is more explosive and is a race against 7 other competitors. Downhill is a race against the time and that's a huge difference! In Downhill, I have to look out that I don't acidify my legs too fast.


ME: Are there also some similarities?


Elke: Yes, the jumps and the turns can be compared. But again, it's a complete different style of taking them.


ME: Will you ever do it again?


Elke: Sure, why not? Of course it's off season at the moment, I can't take these risks during the season, especially with the Olympics in view.


ME: Of course the Olympics are the main goal in your upcoming seasons, are there any other competitions you're looking forward too?


Elke: The Olympics 2020 in Tokio is the main goal, just like for every other athlete in any other sport. It's the the competition with the top notch of all sports. Apart from the Olympics, i'm really looking forward to the European Cup and World Cup where I hope to give the best of myself. 


ME: Thank you Elke for being part of this great day and good luck with the upcoming season!


Race results:

Men Elite (top 10):

1. Pazdziorko Gregoire

2. Mathieu Nicolas

3. Simon Nico

4. Hebert Ambroise

5. Balsacq Corenthin

6. Pozzallo Angelo

7. Marques Dos Santos Paulo Manuel

8. Pary Nicolas

9. Denuwelaere Jan

10. Matot Robin



1. Op de Beeck Roos

2. Vuylsteke Laurence

3. Maes Camille

4. Remacle Camile

5. Nelen Kristien

6. Nijhuis Eline

7. Hegger Agnes

8. Westland Marjolein