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images from shooting of the video Reflect , new BMX project from Richard Frone with Bespaly twins


Oct 252018

In the heart of the majestic city of Moscow, the twins Max Bespaliy and Igor Bespaliy unleashed their twin BMX genius onto the urban architecture of the historic city. The latest cinematic brainchild from legend of the BMX scene, Rich Forne, the filmer and director captured Moscow as a city of contrasts, reflected in the unreal riding of the twins and the beauty of the architecture.

Scouting locations all over the city, the crew explored the beautiful and imposing buildings around Moscow, unveiling some never-ridden-before spots that sparked their imagination. On the menu was Soviet architecture, starting with the Ministry of foreign affairs quarter, old Metro stations and ending up downtown amongst the freshly-built skyscrapers.

“Prepare yourself for mind melting precision and tech-gnar that Max and Igor unleash on Moscow city. The twins redefining the boundaries of physics on a BMX that will leave you with goose pimples.” - Rich Forne.

REFLECT has been exclusive released on The Come Up and will be available for re-sharing and embedding on Monster Energy Youtube from Nov 1st.

Get behind the scenes of the making of REFLECT with an interview with Max and Igor:

1.Tell us about Moscow as a destination to ride bmx and what makes it special

Igor Bespaliy: Over the past 5 years, Moscow has been transformed, with a lot of new spots built. Each new street season there’s something new, it’s sick! 
Max Bespaliy: If you ride bmx then you should visit to Moscow.

2. How was filming with the legend of bmx film production Rich Forne?

MB: Rich is an amazing video maker, he always knows what he’s doing. It's funny that we didn’t know his idea, but in the process of shooting we understood that the video would be sick! Richard almost always carried mirrors, so we started to realise the plan with the reflections.
IB: A typical day was: we woke up at 9 am, Rich usually woke up even earlier. Then we went to the different spots around 11am and filmed until sunset. We travelled around the city by bike searching spots and filming all day.

3. What were some of the biggest challenges with filming the project

IB: I wanted to make an ender clip where I was doing a gap on a rail ride to gap It was the perfect spot that I noticed a few months ago. On the first day, I had a little time, I jumped on a Pegs, then I jumped a few more times, it was very scary, but I felt that I would get it. Then a woman came out and called the security and the next 2 days they ran out as soon as I started to warm up at the spot! Don’t worry, I'll be back there.
MB: I had a challenge.. a couple of weeks before filming, I injured my right knee. My doctor said that I could only ride in a knee brace. I ordered it from Germany, but received it only on the 5th day of filming. But I am pleased with everything we did, it was lit.

4. How did you go about choosing the spots - what were you looking to create?

MB: Almost all the spots we had chosen in advance. We stayed right in the centre of town, so there were loads of spots to hit right there.
IB: Max and I had already had already planned the spots to hit and discussed what tricks we wanted to lay down. Some tricks we nailed andsome we didn’t. You always have to deal with security, police or simply people along the way.

5. What are 5 essential items to take out on a day filming

1 Bike 2Toolset  3 Wax gun  4 tubes 5 monster hat

6. Tell us a funny story of something that happened on the trip

IB: There were so many funny moments riding street. I’ll never forget the face of the woman who kicked us off our spot 3 days in a row. At the time I was very angry, but now it seems funny. 
MB: It was funny when we shot one of Max’s tricks. It was a crazy spot and overly attentive security. They saw us and came out to kick us out. So we left, then we came back later and got kicked out again. This continued for days, but in the end, we got the shot!

7. What was on trick that you really struggled for and did you get it in the end

IB: I think it was a feeble grind on a kink rail at the end of a gap a couple of meters away. I was very tired during the attempts it was the moment when I wanted to give up, but was stoked when I dialled it.
MB: It was a big double kinked rail I did a rail ride on. When we arrived for the first time at this spot, I didn’t have enough time- the sun had gone down. On another day, we arrived earlier and it took me one / two hours, I don’t remember. It was really difficult! In the last kink, I had so much speed that I was jumping to the side or sliding on pegs. I just couldn’t go straight. But in the end- I nailed it and I was so happy!