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action at world cup skateboarding Moscow

Richard Tury wins the World Cup Skateboarding event in Moscow and secures his overall win in the 2017 WCS rankings

Nov 232017

After a highly successful year, Richard Tury is currently in the lead of the World Cup Skateboarding (WCS) series rankings. The 2017 WCS tour consists of a total of 12 official events on 4 continents and the top 6 scores for each rider count.

Richard started the tour at the Far'n'High event in Paris, France, where he finished 3rd. After Paris, the tour then moved to Beroun, Czech Republic with the annual GrandPrix Beroun, where Richard took his first WCS win in both street and best trick disciplines. The third stop was held in Gdansk, Poland and Richard took home 5th place. For the fourth stop, the tour moved over to North America and Richard finished 6th at the Jackalope WCS event in Montreal, Canada. The fifth event took place in the Netherlands once again, but this time, we visited the city of Rotterdam, where Richard took 4th place. Finally, the last stop so far was the WCS Moscow event which happened this last weekend, where Richard Tury, for the second time this year, stood on the top, securing his 2nd win of the season and also securing the Overall Winner spot in the prestigious 2017 WCS rankings.

Richard Tury is the first central or eastern european skateboarder to win the overall WCS series in the history, bringing skateboarding as a professional sport to a new level in this entire part of Europe and starting an entire new generation of future professional athletes. 

Watch Richard's win run from World Cup Skateboarding, Moscow 2017  here.

Richard tury interview

Hi Rišo, huge congratulation to victory in Moscow! How was the celebration and return home? :)

Hi, thank you. The celebration wasn’t really big since everything went very fast in Moscow and there wasn’t much time. I arrived on Friday night and flew home on Sunday. It was already a bit late the night after the event so we went for diner with guys from the Russian Monster team and after that to the premiere of one Russian skate video and after party. Return home was great, I am really happy that I managed to win and all my friends were happy for me as well.

You’ve had a very successful season and you are first in the overall WCS ranking, it must be like a childhood dream comes true, right?

It sure is. Ever since started skateboarding, I wanted to be like the pros so I'm mega grateful that I can travel to the competitions around the world to places I would probably never visit, and especially for what skateboarding taught me.

This year, you've travelled a lot of interesting places all over the world. What places did you like the most and why?

It would be China; it is always crazy over there. However this year, we visited a really small city Huzhou, which was quite different than the big Chinese cities and I really liked it. However the highlight of this year were the Niagara falls that were truly unbelievable, and I would never imagine that I would visit them thanks skateboarding.


You are going to take part in the Vans Shop Riot finals in Amsterdam and the last stop of WCS in Tokyo this year. Do you have any other plans for the end of 2017?

I might take part in one competition at Bali after the WCS Tokyo, but i tis not sure yet.

How do you plan to spend Christmas and the whole winter, will you go training somewhere warmer, or do you plan to stay at home with your family?

I will spend Christmas at home and after the holidays, I would love to go snowboarding. After the New Year, I definitely want to go somewhere warmer as there is no better way how to spend winter than to enjoy the sun and skateboarding.

Do you have any skateboarding dreams you have not yet met? What?

There are a lot of them for sure for example to become pro. A huge dream would be of course to take part at the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020.

What do you plan for the next year?

Classics. Competitions start shooting another full street part and of course enjoying skateboarding.