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Pictures of Rick to go along with his interview and the Ultra Citron SKU

Rick van Goethem: Season has started!

Mar 052018

The 2018 season is about to kick off, so we decided to visit Rick van Goethem at his garage in Hulst, the Netherlands and see how he has been making sure to go in even harder than last year.

Hey Rick, how are you?

Very good! I’ve just returned from a weekend in Finland, where I have snowboarded and done some drifting on ice together with a group of Monster Energy drivers. It was very nice; we’ve laughed a lot all together!

The most important work has been finished

Are you ready for the new season?

The most important work has been finished. We are working out all of the details right now, the agenda is as good as full for the season and right now we are working on the big updates to the car, which demands a lot of preparations.

Do you have any new sponsors for this season?

We have been able to show what we are able to reach with our work during the last season and I am sure that we can do even better. The sponsors from last year were very satisfied with our work and our new sponsors trust us enough to work together for a new year. Motul, Ross Performance Parts, ST Suspension, Triace Tyres and Kelford Cams are a few of the names to support us this year.

One of the downsides was the weight

Which changes have you made to the car and how do you think you will do this year, compared to last year?

The car will look mostly the same this year; it has been given a fresh paintjob to make it look like new. One of the downsides during the past years was the weight, so we have reduced this by placing lexan windows and a lightweight battery. We have also used the the grinder on some of the existing parts! Other than that, we have improved the suspension and the turning angle so that we can drift in an even bigger angle and we are now building up a new competition engine, which will produce almost 700 horsepowers.

Did it take a lot of work to prepare the car for the new season?

It always is. The car has been checked in every detail and everything that had corroded has been replaced. The new paintjob also requires a lot of work, with stripping, polishing, spraying, wrapping and stickering.

When is the first time to unleash the beast?

March 11, during the Time Attack at the Zandvoort circuit, is the first time for the renewed car to hit the tracks.

I think we had a lot more in us last year

What do you think about the Automaxx Time Attack and what do you expect for this year’s edition, compared to last year?

I think we had a lot more in us last year. We were driving pretty safely but won the event in the end. For this year, I’m planning to do the same; seeing what the competition does and attacking after that but I am definitely ready to go!

Which event is the one you look out to most of all, this season?

Gatebill in Norway! It is a super cool roadtrip followed by three days of racing and of course partying at night. 20.000 visitors together on a crazy festival!