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A series of images with Rick van Goethem, his car and Lewis Hamilton/Ultra Citron promotional taken in Doel, Belgium.

Rick van Goethem's 2017

Feb 102018

That he is fast and quite handy when it comes to his Nissan Skyline, is something that Rick van Goethem has proven us more than once. In 2017, he placed himself high in the rankings during the King Of Europe drift series and during many a demo, he showed his skills with a sportscar and a stroke of asphalt. If you ask us, this was a top year! How he feels about that and what he plans to do in 2018 is something that he told us in this short interview.

What was your favourite moment in 2017 and why?

Our first podium during round 2 of the King Of Europe series in Spain, something towards which we have worked very hard in the past few years. The podium finish made us very happy to finally race in the European competition!

Flying off the track with 140 km/h made the walls come very close!

What was your biggest blunder in 2017?

Trusting tyres on which I had not trained before and thinking they would have the same grip and performance as a totally different tyre. This caused me to fly off the track with 140 km/h in Italy and made the walls come VERY close.

What is your goal for 2018?

Making sure that we prepare even better for our races. Everything has to go exactly as planned and we should try not to make any mistakes!

What is your all-time dream?

To win the 2018 championship AND of course have a huge afterparty!