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Dj Lucky Boy- Darling Cabaret

Rise of DJ Lucky Boy. Get to know one of the hardest working Czech Djs

Dec 132016

"Imagine that feeling when you are standing behind the table, enjoying the music and getting feedback from the people, who are having a good time... It is the best feeling, which I want to be feeling all the time..."

Hi Lucky, most of the people already know you from many Monster Energy parties, hip-hop tours with the biggest names of CZ/SK scene and so on. However how would you introduce yourself to someone, who might not now you?

Hi, it is actually pretty simple. Imagine a boy from small town, who has been involved in urban culture, DJing and extreme sports since the age of 15. I am a strong-willed person that pursues his dreams and does what he enjoys. I have been working on it for almost 10 years and I still keep moving my goals further and further. I am trying to do all of my projects on 110%. And I NEVER get involved in projects that I would not enjoy, because I have a theory that if a person does things just out of duty, he will never make the fullest out of them...


How did you get to DJing and when came the moment, when you found out that you could be doing it for living?

It has all started when I was working at one of the first skate shops in the Czech Republic. Every day, after school, I would work at the Bidolido skateshop in Nový Jičín. At that time, there was only a few skate shops in the 200km radius and the whole culture around it was great. I used to ride bike and MTB a lot. I got to know a lot of new people, while working at the shop and some of them were dancers. Thanks to them I started performing street dance and c-walk. At the beginning it was only about practising in my free time, but gradually, we began driving around to the contests, the group was being placed in competitions and it was great! By that time I fell for music and started being interested in it. At one party I went to by chance, I found out there was playing a friend of mine. I started to ask questions about Djing and mixing music and in the end of the night I already played first songs. It all somehow clicked together and I started playing and dancing. I started fully with DJing in 2007. MY first real gig was organised by me in my hometown Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. After a short time I started playing at hip-hop gigs around my hometown and after year and half I was actually supporting many big names of then hip-hop scene as a party DJ.
After about 5 years and many gigs my djing started gaining and I would play tours with the best artists from the CZ/SK scene. I managed to support events including stars such as Xzibit, Breal, Onyx, The Game, or Pharoahe Monch. Currently, I play many different events including hip-hop parties, festivals or sport events. After all those years, I still enjoy it and I still feel that I can move forward.
One of my biggest successes is definitely cooperation with Monster Energy, which has been going on for over four years and I have visited many interested places and met a lot of great people thanks to that. I should thank Monster also for being able to play at first Rytmus solo tour, where I had chance to show people what I got and I have been playing all Rytmus and Kontrafakt tour sever since. My favourite events are definitely Moto GP, MX GP, SNB and skate contest and everything around extreme sports. In last three years I have been also playing at the biggest Czech festivals such as Colours of Ostrava, Rock for People, Votvirak, Beats for love and many others.
The fact that you can do djing for living is definitely great, but it is not so easy. Nowadays there ist oo many Djs everywhere so you have to be different and original. It was a multiple years battle, however I am happy that it worked out. It is a bit of a pity that I learned about all the rules of how it should work after so many years, but that is what is it all about. Start from the bottom and not jumping on to bandwagon.
I am very grateful that I was able to move my djing so far that I am supported by brands such as Monster Energy, Mercedes Benz - Ostrava, Vans and Meatfly. Without them, my journey would be much tougher...


You play at many different events... Can you tell for sure what sets would work at what event or do you experiment?

Mostly, I experiment and I advocate that the best is to play by feeling. I don’t prepare my sets before the event and I don’t event exactly know what am I going to play that night. Of course, I practise at home; I work on the technical transitions between songs so that they are clean and sophisticated. Given that I spend several thousand for a new music every month, my playlist diversified and therefore each set is original.

Talking about the shows, when I look at your socials, it seems like you have absolutely crazy schedule. How often do you play?

I am trying to play a lot, because djing is something like a drug to me. Imagine that feeling when you are standing behind the table, enjoying the music and getting feedback from the people, who are having a good time... I tis the best feeling, which I want to be feeling all the time and that’s why I played more than 130 parties last year, which is actually gig every third day. I thing that this year it won’t be much different... I love it!


Do you have time for anything else? What are your hobbies?

Because I am quite involved in marketing, I work also on some other projects that are actually linked to music. I cooperate on campaigns for festivals, concerts, I also work on merchandise production and I manage three clothing brands by top CZ/SK rap artists. I do everything from designs, patterns to selling and presentation of those brands. I have been managing one of them (SEPAR) for two years so I am quite busy due to djing and our other projects including tours, concerts or cooperation with Pirat army brand. However I definitely cannot get bored not even for a minute and I always have to be doing and creating something...
Talking about my leisure time, I always find some time for wakeboarding, snowboarding, my beloved girlfriend and recently I have totally fallen for drifting. I am actually starting working on my car.

What are your current plans and where cant he fans see you?

The best thing I am involved in by the end of this year is supporting the whole Rytmus „Krstny Otec“ tour, support at The Game concert and many other great parties!


What are your current biggest goals?

I would like to improve my technical djing and I am working on getting more gigs abroad and connecting traveling with djing. I plan to release one live set every month and It will be definitely worth it, because I invented a concept that hasn’t been done by anyone at the CZ/SK scene and I linked it with the best artists... For January, I plan complete redesign of my website and my socials as I want to more communicate on my channels and be more active regarding music and everything around it.
Regarding my other work, I want keep working on my projects and pushing them forward so they don’t stay a tone place and keep growing. Seeing some project, I have been working on, gaining and being appreciated by people is a great feeling...