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Riding with Richard Tury in Slovenia and interview.

Riso picked his lines

Dec 072018

We caught up with Riso Tury in Maribor, Slovenia and invited him to PIK Hala DIY indoor hall to film a teaser for this year's PIK Your Line contest. We didn't hesitate to ask him few questions.

Hey Riso! Great to have you back in Slovenia. Last time was in 2017, when you won the Flowgrind Contest in Nova Gorica. How did you find that event, comparing to other international events?


Hey! Yes. I got invitation from Contest Director Davor in 2016, but was attending some other event at the time. In 2017 I got invited again and I came to Nova Gorica. Flowgrind is awesome event. I had really good times there with many good skaters in a good skatepark.


This time you showed up in Maribor. Did you get a chance to hit any street spots?


We skated DIY spot under the bridge. This spot has good ground with two ledges for lines. I also checked some other street spots. We didn't have time to skate them, but they looked quite good. Next time.


We filmed a teaser with you for this year's PIK Your Line session. Did you like PIK Hala place?


PIK Hala was super fun! There is so many obstacles to create cool lines. We came there after the session at DIY spot and just kept on riding there whole afternoon.

What can you say about skateboarding scene in Maribor?


I think the skate scene in Maribor is pretty strong. You have indoor DIY place and miniramp, which is really important to have during the winter. I hope you are gonna get a brand new concrete skatepark next year! Maribor ZA sk8park!


What do you think about skateboarding? Can you tell us, what do you like about it?


Skateboarding is different from other sports. It's more than just sport. We live skate life, which is super fun. Lots of friends and lots of good times. It also gives you experience and teaches you a lot of things.


What are your plans for 2019?


I have many plans for next year like contests and some other projects, but I just want to have fun like every year.


Do you have anything to say to young Slovenian skaters out there?


Keep on shredding and have fun, while doing it!


Thanks a lot Riso. I am sure our paths will cross again.