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Richard Tury at the 2015 Grand Prix of Beroun, Czech Republic

Rišo Tury third in WCS 2016! Read the interview about his succesful season and plans for this year.

Jan 312017
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Hi Rišo, congratulations for the third place at overall standings of World Cup Skateboarding 2016. How do you feel to be „the third best“ skater in the world?:)

Hi, thank you. I actually still don’t realise that, but it motivates me to be even better and work on myself. I didn’t expect the 3rd place as I had to pass two stops because of my injuries so I am really happy.

Last year, you participated at loads of contests all around the world including those that are part of WCS. Which events / countries do you have best memories of?

It will be definitely Japan, with the contest taking part in the capital city Tokio. The whole thing was resolved at the last moment so I had not planned that I will ever be able to visit Japan. I was really surprised about the level of skateboarding over there as there are small kinds aged between 12 and 16, who are on the whole new level and I couldn’t understand such skateboarding at this age. Amazing!

Apart from traditional skate destinations you also travelled to China, Japan or Malaysia, can you tell us more about this trip?

It all started in Chengdu, China, where me, Tomáš Vintr, Honza Bašný, Znder Gabriel from USA and Diasuke from Japan took part in Fise world competition. I managed to finish at 7th place and we continued to Malaysia, where we spent six days. IT was really great joy. We were riding water scooters, hanging on ropes from trees and many other fun activities. Then we decided to go Kohlipe Island in Thailand for three days. This whole trip will be soon released as a documentary called Skate tripping and it will be huge!

Is there any difference in approach to skateboarding in Europe / USA and Asia?

Sure. For example in China it is quite common that when you are riding somewhere, there are about ten curious Chinese guys, who are watching you and taking videos. It is not that known over there so it is quite funny. And other thing is that those cities are like one big skate park, spots everywhere and everything made from marble.

What was the greatest experience?

There were lots of them, but the best would be riding water scooters around rocky islands in the middle of nowhere in Malaysia. That was amazing experience.

Where would you like to go next in terms of skateboarding?

Definitely countries where I haven’t been before such as South America, Australia or more cities in Russia. But we will see where would me riding get me next.

Last year, you underwent hand surgery, you cast for a long time, how does it look now?

They removed the casket five days ago and I started going to rehabilitation. I had the casket for four and half months so my hand is a bit stiff and I am learning to move it properly again. However I have started riding again so I am getting back.

What are your plans for this year?

As always, competitions and travelling. I also plan a few projects so I hope I will be able to realise them.