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Giulia Tanno at Prime Park Sessions at Stubai Glacier

Road To The Top: Giulia Tanno

Dec 142017

Giulia Tanno´s season is running damn good. At the World Cup in Milano (ITA) Giulia was able to land a double cork 1080 in a competition as the first woman ever. In Mönchengladbach (GER) she was claiming her first World Cup victory of the season. We have been meeting one of the biggest Freeski talents to talk about success, records, and her future.

"I was a bit unsure about doing the trick first, but I really wanted to try it."

Hello Giulia! Things are going great for you lately. You won the World Cup in Mönchengladbach and had a trick premier at the World Cup in Milano!?

Yes, I am the first woman to do the Dub 10 (Double Cork 1080) in a competition. I was a bit unsure about doing the trick first but I really wanted to try it. That´s the reason why I practiced it a lot during my training. It worked very well at the end and felt so great to do it in front of this huge audience in Milano. That was so cool!
To win the World Cup in Mönchengladbach also felt great of course. It pushed my self-esteem so much to do a trick three times in a World Cup stop like this.

You´ve been the first girl who did the Switch 12 at the X-Games this year. Do records mean a lot to you and are you working on breaking them?

It´s always cool to tell people that I was the first one who did the trick but it is not the most important thing for me. When it comes to the Dub 10 I was already thinking about how cool it would be to do the trick during my training last season. Really doing it felt great!

How do you decide which trick you want to go for next?

That depends on what I feel like I am able to do and what is the best thing for me to go for next. I get inspired by the guys and their tricks plus I go for what I think will look cool. They always help me out to improve myself. I am doing tricks now which I thought were impossible for me back in the days. Let´s say its a step by step thing. I am trying to improve my tricks at the moment by combining them with grabs for example. From spring on I will start to learn new tricks again.

The Swiss Team is very successful and working well together. How come you have so many great freeskiers in your team?

I think the most important thing is to push each other. The best example for this are the guys. Fabian Bösch, Andri Ragettli and Luca Schuler are at the same age and pushed each other a lot. If one of them tries a new trick the others try to do it straight away. We are very good in always motivating each other. Being part of a three girls team is also very cool and I think having Mathilde Gremaud and Sarah Hoefflin helped me a lot within the last season. It´s always great to have someone who motivates you by going ahead and kicking your ass sometimes.

"The podium is definitely a huge goal and also a big dream. I should not put myself under pressure as it is not always possible to do the best performance on the most important day."

Third place on the podium at your first X-Games this year. Is the podium always your goal?

The podium is definitely a huge goal and also a big dream. I should not put myself under pressure as it is not always possible to do the best performance on the most important day. There are a lot of possibilities but putting myself under pressure does not help in this situation.

At the age of 19 you reached a point in your life where you are about to decide which direction you want to go. How important is freeskiing for your future?

Free skiing is everything that counts even though I still attend school. I split my Matura in two years to be able to do more skiing. I just want to do skiing and practice for the next one or two years after my exam. I could imagine further education like distance learning after.

Your first big film recordings were with the Faction-Team. How did you like it?

Yes, that´s right I filmed with Faction in spring last season. It was super cool as it was something completely new for me because I never filmed before. Unfortunately, we had to do it within three days as my next event was already planed. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again any time. It would be great to do a cool film-project again as soon as I am more free after the contests. A girls-movie would be great as there is no movie like this yet.

What are you about to do in the next weeks?

We are heading to the Dew-Tour in America and Christmas is up right after. I will be at home for at least a few days but heading back overseas again after Christmas. We will be at the USA World Cups and X-Games again.