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Images from the 2018 X Games in Sydney, Australia

Road to X- Jarryd McNeil

Jul 092019

We sat down with 7 time gold medalist Jarryd McNeil ahead of X Games Minneapolis 2019.

"Now every time I show up I know what I'm capable of and do my best to come out on top"

When/how did you start to get into motocross?

I grew up on a dairy farm with a ton of land so I got my first bike, a pw 50, when I was 2 1/2 and rode around the property with my older brother and his friends. Started going to motocross races soon after and kept getting better so I started taking it seriously and following all of the aus moto circuits.

Was X Games Gold always the primary goal for you? Can you remember getting your first invite to X?

Getting an invite alone was really hard for me so I was just pumped to be in it at the start. Once I realized I could hold my own against the top guys at the time I really wanted to win gold. Now every time I show up I know what I'm capable of and do my best to come out on top. I remember it was when I was living back home in Australia around June 2010, Travis Pastrana called me up and said there was a possibility of going to X Games. A couple weeks later I received an official invite to my first X Games which was a really big moment for me.

When you came to the US, you were just starting out your career, and I imagine you looked up to many of the riders that you were alongside. Now, you’re in a position where others look up to you. What’s it like to be in that role?

Growing up I always looked up to Nate Adams and TP just like most kids. It's the weirdest feeling now to be able to call them friends and get to ride with your childhood hero. I remember being that young kid and meeting some arrogant riders that I looked up to, and I just knew I never wanted to be like them so I really love the role I'm in now and give every person the time of day because I know what it's like to be that young impressionable kid.

How does your set up at McNeil Farm compare to X games?

My McNeil Farm is pretty dialed. I've got everything I need to practice for X Games. 75 comp ramp for best whip, step up and quarter pipe so it helps me try to be as prepared as I can going in.

What do you typically do in your free time?

If i'm not riding my bike I'm in my tractors moving dirt or doing improvements around the McNeil farm. I always want to be outside getting my hands dirty.

Best story from motocross this year? 

My favorite story this year was being hired to build the step up lip at the Adelaide 500, and then compete in 2 events a day for 3 days straight, and winning all 6 of them.

Any Netflix binge guilty pleasures?

I honestly don't watch TV much but when I do I get really into all of the documentaries and conspiracy shows on there.

To see more from Jarryd make sure to tune into X Games going down August 2-4.

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