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Road to X- Vicki Golden

Jul 092019

Vicki Golden makes history by shattering the motorcycle firewall world record. We sat down with the 3 time gold medalist ahead of X Games Minneapolis 2019 to get to know the girl behind the fire.

"Coming off from the worst year ever it’s turned into the best year ever. You can’t be anything but grateful"

How did you get into riding?

I got into riding at a full family event. I was seven years old, and my brother and my dad got dirt bikes. Once that happened jealousy kicked in and I immediately needed a bike. I begged them for months on end and that Christmas I got a little XR50 under the tree.

What’s the craziest thing you think you have done on a bike so far?

The craziest stunt I have done so far is the back flip on Moonbooter at Nitro Circus. It was the complete wrong way to do your first flip. Normally people go within months from a foam pit, or an air bag straight to dirt. I went two weeks and when I was practicing in the foam pit, I borrowed Harry Bink’s Honda and I don’t ride Honda’s. It was the absolute wrong way to try your first flip. I just felt good on that ramp and wanted to do it, so we went for it.

When was the last time you competed at X Games? What was it like and are you excited to get under the bright lights again?

The last time I competed In X Games was is Austin, Texas. Austin didn’t treat me well, LA treated me really well, so hopefully Minneapolis will be better than Austin. I’m hoping to go there and take home a medal.

What is it like competing against the boys?

I’m kind of use to it. I’m surrounded by guys everywhere I go, I’m always riding with all the guys. At this point I think I would feel unfamiliar if I was riding against all girls. It’s good, I’m treated as almost the underdog, so I get to stay low key and put my head down and train. Then show up and surprise everyone and show them what I got.

Do you like the pressure of competing or prefer the freestyle vibe of riding?

I like both, it’s nice to ride with all your friends and mess around. It’s also nice to have your friends push you just as much as if you were in front of a large crowd.

Are you more about getting it dialed or styling it out?

I would say both. I’m more of a perfectionist so I want to make sure I’m getting it down to the tee and every piece is perfect.

You are coming back from injury. Does that make you even more fired up for the season?

Yes, the injury definitely adds. You would think I would feel more hesitant.I was at first, but it’s hard when you had a full year off and almost losing your leg to not take advantage of everything’s that’s coming up. I just went on the Nitro tour and got thrown in with the wolves, but that’s what I wanted, and it worked out great. Coming off from the worst year ever it’s turned into the best year ever. You can’t be anything but grateful.

Anything you are hoping to achieve this season?

This season has already gone amazing, I landed my first back flip, and stayed healthy during my first tours of Nitro. Hopefully we can keep it rolling with a world record and medal at X Games.

You don’t seem to have much spare time. When you do, what do you get up to?

I actually don’t have much spare time, but when I do, I like going to the gym because it’s something that makes you a better rider, but its still a nice get away.

You are stranded on a desert island. You have to survive. Choose two athletes to be stranded with and why?

Mike Mason and Genki Wanky. Wanky because it will pass the time by teaching him better English and Mike Mason because he is one of my favorites on tour. We ride together all the time and are joined at the hip. If we are going to be stuck on an island, we are going to be stuck together.

To see more from Vicki make sure to tune into X Games going down August 2-4.

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