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Event photos from the second stage of the Romanian Drift Championship.
Photos were taken by my TL - Victor Carapcea - Monster Energy Employee.
I wanted to tag another Monster Energy Athlete - TALENT -  that was present, named Dimitriy Illyuk - from Ucrain

Romanian Drift Championship - Stage 2 - House of Parliament

Jun 292016

After a crazy-fast and tire slaying first stage of the Romanian Drift Championship, that took place in Prejmer last month, we were left with an adrenaline rush only fit to be tamed by the sound of roaring engines and the smell of burnt rubber, so we were lucky enough to witness a second stage, bigger, faster and most definitely more exciting.

“We had 62 drivers lined up at the starting line, pros and beginners alike going at it all day under the smouldering hot sun. ”

Day one was all about quallies, so we saw the drivers going hard, one after another in the ultimate endurance test, given the high temperatures from outside and those equally high inside the car.

Pro drifters had the opportunity of challenging themselves with a newly thought up track in front of the Romanian Palace of the Parliament, with the first slide starting at speeds of over 150km/h. Some of them got to “kiss the wall” the appropriate way, while others were not so lucky – props to everyone who attacked that fast slide – we know it’s not an easy feeling.

At the end of day 1 we were left with the top 32 drivers that were left to battle it out one against another for top 8 and then top 4.

We met the drivers in the second day of the event, eager to go at it again in full throttle and so they did!
The one on one battles were super exciting and got the crowds cheering for their favorite drivers.

After an action packed event, the top riders showed their faces and waved to the crowds. The overall winner of in the pro category was none other than Monster Energy athlete from Ukraine – Dimitriy Illyuk – still rockin that same old engine that proved his skills and super style just in time to conquer the first position. On the second step of the podium we found the Bulgarian driver Krasimir Stefanov, followed closely by the only Romanian in top 3 – Marius “KNS” Mitrache. Amongst the top 8 riders we saw Sorin Ene, Călin Ciortan, Istvan Szabo , Miklos Laszlo and Iulian Jumuga.

The beginners took the podium by storm also, top 8 being conquered by Catalin Olteanu, Kazakov Georgi, Petkov Plamen, Kovacs Karoly Levent, Nikolov Nikolay, Kristalina Stefanova, Alin Gradinaru and Madalin Grigore.

After and action packed event, we drew the line and felt really fortunate to have witnessed such an incredible gang of drivers so we raise a cold can of Monster Energy and we will be seeing you all at the next stage of the event!