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Digital asset for local streamer announcement with Pago, Kubon and Saju.

Saju, Kubon and PAGO in Monster Energy Team!

Dec 172020

In the past we have been supporting the biggest gaming events such as Poznań Game Arena, but knowing the potential of this sector we decided to make another step, be closer to the community and are announcing cooperation with three top streamers, our new ambassadors. 

Monster Energy has been supporting gaming activities all around the world. We are a partner of the most recognizable teams such as Natus Vincere, Fnatic, Team Liquid czy Evil Geniuses. This year with our energy drinks consumers could unlock monthly Xbox Game Pass for PC or get 2XP in Halo Infinite.

At the end of 2020 we have started cooperation with three top streamers from Fantasyexpo gaming agency - Paweł 'Saju' Pawełczak, Jakub 'Kubon' Turewicz and Mateusz 'PAGO' Pągowski. All three of them are strongly connected to esport - SAJU and PAGO with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Kubon with League of Legends. The CS duo in recent years has been mainly competing on the local scene, but Turewicz back in 2014 was playing in the top European league - EU LCS 2014. Each of them have the athlete's gene pushing them to constantly compete. 

Cooperation between Monster Energy and Fantasyexpo will last at least until the end of 2021. Its main goal is to promote our brand in the gaming community. Therefore, each of the ambassadors has planned activities for their target group.