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Shots from EWS in Petzen, Austria

Sam Hill : From Australia to the World

Jul 022018

When it comes to downhill and enduro mountain biking, Australian born Sam Hill is quickly becoming a fan favorite around the globe because of his unique style. He's best known for a loose, flat-pedal style and for riding parts of the track that no other cyclist would dare venture into. This is a big reason why he’s growing in popularity with fans and highly respected by his peers on the circuit.

You'll see Hill sporting his Monster Energy hat during races, a partnership that suits both the extreme cyclist and the energy drink brand. Sam Hill's aggressive riding style and Monster Energy's support of extreme sports, music and entertainment make for an ideal match. And Monster is a proud supporter of downhill mountain biking, its athletes - like Sam Hill - and events around the world.


Hill originally started his career as a strictly downhill biker, placing third when he was just 16-years-old at the World Championships in Vail, Colorado, in the junior downhill event. A year later in 2002, he won the Under 19 Australian Championships. After a successful career of downhill biking, Hill switched to enduro style in 2016, where he's enjoyed even more success. He even has an acting credit to his name, having served in a starring role in the 2010 biking film Follow Me.


Though he's only 32, Hill sports an accomplished resume. He's won five World Championships since bursting onto the scene and has performed exceptionally in 15 World Cup appearances. He's also the defending champion of the Enduro World Series (EWS), having won the 2017 overall title. So far in 2018, Hill took top spot at the first EWS competition, which was held in Lo Barnechea, Chile. He followed that up with another first place finish on the EWS in Manizales, Columbia. Both of these victories were by more than 30 seconds - an indicator of the season to come.


Can Hill continue his momentum on the EWS? Stay tuned to find out!