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Baltic Games 2017 extreme sports festival - final celebrations

Sam Pilgrim and Brian Fox on podium at Cropp Baltic Games

Aug 082017

The 10th edition of Cropp Baltic Games, Poland’s biggest extreme sports festival, went down last weekend in Gdańsk. For the first time ever the skate contest was a part of World Cup Skateboarding and the MTB Dirt rivalry was a bronze stop of FMB World Tour.

I think my performance was pretty good. It was definitely good on the park course where I was placed 2nd. But overall I felt really good on my bike, the course was great, it was a fun time. The park set-up was pretty crazy, it was really big. There were many lines and many ways to get creative on it so I enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere here in Poland was crazy, the people here love to party!

It was fun but really windy. Anyway, it was cool. Polish people are super cool, really friendly and they definitely like to party at Baltic Games.

I had a great day and enjoyed the final, I made lots of good tricks and had a good run. Everyone was killing it at the skatepark and the level was so sick. Poland’s crazy, full of crazy people and top chicks! I had a great time here, the atmosphere was superb. It’s a 100% successful event, I think every year the park set-up is getting better here. I like it’s only for skaters, not shared with BMX riders like a few years ago.

All final results – top 5’s:

BMX Park:

1. Nick Bruce, 2. Brian Fox, 3. Jonathan Camacho, 4. Jose Torres, 5. Timothe Bringer

BMX Dirt:
1. Tim Bringer, 2. Nick Bruce, 3. Jakub Benda, 4. Brian Fox, 5. Konrad Szabo
BMX Street:
1. Jiri Blabol, 2. Piotr Leszczyński, 3. Martti Lainevool, 4. Kamil Długosz, 5. Michał Kluska
MTB Dirt:
1. Paweł Stachak, 2. Sam Pilgrim, 3. Marek Łebek, 4. Kuba Sidzina, 5. Kuba Hejl
1. Justin Sommer, 2. Benjamin Garcia, 3. Kechaud Johnson, 4. Joseph Garbaccio, 5. Riso Tury