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Images from Thursday at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016

Sam Reynolds at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016

Jun 292016

We caught up with Sam Reynolds at Goodwood Festival of Speed to talk all things motors. 

How are you finding this year’s good wood festival of speed?

Amazing I came here as a fan when I was a kid and it’s even better than I remember. I am glad I am here for all 4 days as there is so much to see so I finally get to see it all!

What are you up to here?

I am here doing shows in the GAS arena that’s the Goodwood Action Sports arena. We have got some FMX guys, BMX guys and us on the mountain bikes. Yea we do some rad tricks, showing the public what action sports it all about, something cool for them to watch!

If you could drive any car in the world what would it be?

Up the hill? Ooo I reckon Liam’s rallycross car. It looks pretty awesome! I have been for a ride in it before so I would love to drive it, would be pretty scary but yea I would love to have ago in that thing! 

Do you think there is any overlap with your sport and drifting for example?

I guess so! A lot of guys like to go and do a bit of driving, drifting or rallycross driving for a bit of fun. But you know with age get a cage they say so I would love to get into it one day, but yea I think there are similarities, it’s high-speed and you have to think on your feet!

Favourite driver?

All the Monster guys have to be my favourite drivers – such good guys!

What car do you currently drive?

I have a Holden Ute from Australia, it’s pretty weird, like a car/ truck! I can get my bike in the back which is most important!

What was your first car?

Vauxhall Corsa and it was £50! Classic!

If you could swap lives with another athlete for the day who would it be?

For sure a racing driver all these guys are so pimp and have the best job! Maybe not as famous as Lewis Hamilton as it could be a bit of a nightmare being that famous, maybe a drifting guy, someone that is super cool in motorsports but can still walk around the streets and not have to do selfies every two minutes!

What are your plans after this?

I am off to Loosefest in Belgium. It’s the biggest jumps in the world and my favourite event of the year! Graham Agassiz will be there so should be rad! I am also going to be heading to the Monster Energy motocross of Nations which is awesome – can’t wait to go there!