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Week 2 Build and construction of the 2018 DarkFEST course.

Sam Reynolds' Dirty Dream | DarkFEST Week 2 Video

Jan 222018

As the DarkFEST prelude continues, the second week of building the course has come to a close. If you thought they made good progress in the first week, it looks like the boys were just getting warmed up!

Have a look what they've been getting up to on the Vuurberg farm in Stellenbosch in the second instalment of their weekly DarkFEST build videos. 

The crew take advantage of some of the rain that has fallen of the last couple of days to compact the line. Lacing together the top and bottom of this monstrous course as well as taking the bikes out for some "golden hour" sunset sessions at the Hellsend Compound.

You can see that these guys have quite a few digger miles and know how to get the most out of the landscape with as little digging as possible. This has helped them make amazing progress and the line is very nearly complete! 

They've made really good use of the natural features on the piece of land, turning them into works of art that you can fly over. 


Another bonus of being fast and efficient is that the crew have been able to go for a surf and get some sundown sessions in on the dirt jumps just a couple hundred meters away...


So things are looking as good as can be at the end of week 2, with some much needed rain on the forecast the shovels will be out & ready to get the final touches smoothed out and hopefully the first test hits will go down!


Stay tuned for the third video dropping next week! We have a feeling this is going to be a BIG one.