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images from shooting of the video Reflect , new BMX project from Richard Frone with Bespaly twins

Save the Rails: Bespaliy Twins Are Heading to Ukraine

Apr 252019

Bespaliy twins are going to shred the Ukrainian rails once again! Monster Energy riders Max and Igor are going to be the special guests at the upcoming BMX-contest “Complete” in Kharkiv this May. For the boys, it will be the first trip to Ukraine in a while, for us - an opportunity to drop the jaws from the nearly-legal level of accuracy and world-class techno shredding! 

We’ve caught up with the brothers to talk about their plans on the trip, favorite spots and interesting local riders. Read the interview, watch their recent mind-blowing edit for Monster Energy and save the date for a killer BMX weekend in Kharkiv this May! 

Brothers, what’s up! You are visiting Ukraine soon. What’s the plan?


M: Yo! Yeah, we are finally coming to the motherland! The plan is to revisit our home village Kovsharovka for some 5 days - meet all the friends and relatives and film a vlog about the origins of our riding - cruise through all the village spots we’ve got at the time, show the places where the very first 360’s and railrides were landed. It’s been a while since we’ve developed this idea and it’s finally the time to make it real! Then, we are going to stay in Kharkiv between the 17th and 20th of May. We will judge a local contest, cruise around the city, meet up with the dudes - no time for boredom! 


When was the last time you’ve shredded those Kharkiv home-spots? Have you been missing the city?


M: The last ride there was in the beginning of summer 2013, prior to moving to Moscow. Since then, I’ve never had a chance to come here with my bike. We are always happy to come back and meet everybody. This time will be special - we are finally bringing the bikes with us!


Let’s talk about your favorite spots in Kharkiv. Superior places to have some good time on and off the bike?


M: Sure thing, I pedal to the Opera first. I’ve ridden there prior to the reconstruction only, so I’m excited to try a new setup of my favorite spot. If it’s not for riding, we always change places and it’s always a good time. 

What do you think of the contemporary BMX scene in Ukraine? What local riders do you follow right now? 


M: I’ve stopped watching BMX videos since Instagram has now everything. There I follow a lot of Ukrainian shredders like Dima Zurabiants, Andrey Gaievsky, Sasha Korzh. Recently I have discovered a real young killer from Kirovograd - Dima Zaicev. I do enjoy watching our scene thriving :)


I: Totally agree with Max. I would just add Andriy Podoba - the dude is just puzzling me with his level of bike control. It’s a pleasure to see how Ukrainian BMX, street-scene in particular, are continuously developing and growing. Much respect to everybody! 


What BMX-destinations in Ukraine would you highlight? 


M: I can’t say I’ve travelled much, but I would surely say it’s Kyiv. I believe we will also come there this season - it’s been 6 years after our last visit!


I: Apart from Kharkiv, I will also highlight Kyiv! I love the city - the spots and the scene are so good. Cheers everybody!


Great project with Rich Forne! Anything new on the horizon?


M: Thanks! Not really, we just film on Instagram and YouTube, enjoy the first hot days and warming up in full swing!


Thanks for your time dudes! See you in Kharkiv!