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SCRUB Motocross Cup 2016

Apr 192016

This year of the MX cup SCRUB Motocross Cup is behind the corner and we can’t wait to visit its first stop, which takes place on 24th of April at the new track in Gbely. We have discussed the cup and this year’s news with its organizer Martin Stanko.


Why have you decided to organize your own MX cup and how did it all start?

This cup has long tradition in Slovakia. The only things that change are the structure of MX classes and name of the event. The whole cup is under the SMF so it has prerequisites for well-organized races.

What will the races look like and what can fans look forward to?

For this year, we have prepared 7 stops, which is the most in the last years. Within the stops of Scrub Motocross Cup, there will be also held series of Slovak Cup and MX MMSR in class MX 65. This year’s news is the class MX women so we hope that we will have many female riders.

The whole SCRUB MX Cup contains seven stops. Why did you choose these places?

We have chosen proven tracks such as Gbely, Gbelce, Ješkova Ves, Beckov, Šenkvice, Skýcov and after two year break, we will also have beautiful track in Žaškov.

How many riders are involved and how they were chosen?

We have an average of 150 riders on the even., so the fans can look forward to full ramps and many battles on the track. But what pleases us is that apart from Slovak riders, we also have participants from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Poland. We hope that we will see them also this year.