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Gruber/Morgan in Searching For snowboard movie

#SearchingFor: Double chat with Ethan Morgan and Simon Gruber

Oct 192016

The 2016 had a weird winter season: the snow came pretty late and it was not easy at all to find good spots for freeride.

Simon Gruber and Ethan Morgan, starving for powder need, left on February 21st together with the Italian film master Marco – Jhonny – Morandi and the amazing photographer Roby Bragotto, starting a Van Trip around the Alps, #Searchingfor the best snow conditions. Halldor Helgason, despite all his commitments during the season, heard about this and decided at some point to join their adventure, it was a not-to-miss opportunity for sure.


Simon: 28
  Ethan: 24


Simon: Seiser Alm, Alpe di Siusi 
Ethan: Nordkette Innsbruck

Best skill on Snowboard?

Simon: Backside Air, forever! 
Ethan: Cruise

Best freeride skill?

Simon: Pillows and slashes, love that! 
Ethan: Jump

Where do you come from/ where do you live?

Simon: I was born in Ora, now I live in Val Gardena 
Ethan: I was born in Japan, come from Germany/America and live in Innsbruck, Austria

When/where did you 2 met? Is it the first time for you filming together?

We met at a shooting for Forum in Austria back in the days, must have been like 6 years ago, and we filmed together for Isenseven, good times!

Have you ever been on a snowtrip with a campervan? and on a campervan in general? maybe surfing?

Simon: Yes I’ve been in Norway for 2 weeks filming for Isenseven, I was on a glacier and happened that we got stucked for one week in the middle of nowhere (laughs) and in the end we had to ride down with our snowboards because all the food and water was finished.. this was my first experience in a campervan! I also went on a surfing trip around Sardinia, Italy, that was very cool! 
Ethan: I have, and I love it. RV trip in Colorado in January, it was fucking cold but.. we drank lots of RV juice to keep warm!

What do you expect from this kind of trip in terms of team's connection? It can be easy to get close and find a nice harmony with the team but it also can be easy to find out about everyone's flaws.. snoring, smelly shoes, sleep-walkers, noisy music lovers.. you never know.. something to declare??

Simon: This close contact will help us to know each other very well for sure... and well.. if someone smells, not a big deal, after some time we won’t notice it anymore!! Ahah 
Ethan: Haha that is true, I will get to know these kings very well on this trip. But there is nothing to declare, I have a chill little closet bed where I can close the curtains, so I won’t notice any sleepwalking or snoring!

Would you describe yourself more like a lone wolf or a party animal?

Simon: It depends, sometimes I love to be a lone wolf and get lost on the mountains by myself.. but I also love parties, it depends on the mood! 
Ethan: Both, I can be both.

What's your best party skill?

Simon: Ahah this is a good question! Probably my best party skill is that I don’t feel much the hangover and the day after I can do my things anyways! 
Ethan: Yeah me too, that was one of my best accomplishments this season for sure! Otherwise I am known for headbanging on the dancefloor, that is a hard skill to master.

if you look around a bit and with a bit of luck, you can always find the best snow.

This year we are not very lucky with snow, are you expecting to find some secret spots? Where will you go?

Snow has been kind of shitty, but if you look around a bit and with a bit of luck, you can always find the best snow.

How many boards did you take with you?

Simon: Always two, everytime, you never know what can happen. 
Ethan: I think I packed 3.

What are the things you cannot forget on a trip like this?

Simon: Toothbrush and sleeping bag, very important! And obviusly bindigns, boots and all you need for snowboarding.. you don’t really need a towel because probably we’ll never have a shower (laughs) 
 Ethan: ....Don’t forget to bring a towel! (laughs)