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This is a photo session with our atrhlete Grigory Fuzeev during Ruka Spring Camp 2017.

Shred along with Grigory Fuzeev

Nov 292018

For those who can no longer wait till your local parks get opened… Dreaming of big sunny laps, shred along with our freeski-master Grigory Fuzeev in his new edit from Ruka!


This rider has an authentic style, that you easily recognize on the slopes. He can barely explain how the  tricks get invented, but his videos get thousand of views from newschoolers worldwide.

Preparing a new trick captures your mind and you dig in the process with unpredictable results. This proves that in every outstanding style you should bring creativity, what is possible only when you truly love what you do.


Riders love Ruka park for it’s long lasting season and park. We’ve started the year with Grigory’s New Year edit from Finland, and now wrapping it up with the new video at the same place. That part shows us, that this rider continues his progress and will surprise with new hot stuff.