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Images of athlete Harley Clifford

Sit down with Harley Clifford

Jul 162019

Harley Clifford has made a mark in his career by being the first person to land a double flip wake to wake in competition. As a rookie he took home the US Pro Tour crown. We sat down with the Aussie to learn more about him.


 How did you get into wakeboarding?

I got into wakeboarding when I was 5 years old. My parents had a boat and we use to ski. One of my buddies insisted on trying out wakeboarding. My brothers and I tried it one day and dropped the ski’s forever.

Do your brothers still wakeboard?

They do for fun, but never got into it professionally. They both are good but were better at school than I was.

What is your favorite part about wakeboarding?

I love how competitive wakeboarding has become. I get to travel event to event and compete against all my best buddies. We always have a good time together.

What’s it like endlessly choosing summer? Do you crave a winter at all?

yes, I crave winter. I crave winter but then when I get into winter, I’m like oh my god this is too cold for me! It’s been ten years going back and fourth from Australia to America for summer, so I am a stranger to Winter. When I do experience winter, I love to snowboard though.

Between Australia and America where is home?

This is a hard one to choose. Just recently I got a dog back in Australia with my fiance. I also have a house there and as I get older Australia is becoming more my home.

Favorite spots down under?

North Stradbroke Island and Summerset Dam in Australia.

You seem to be good buddies with Harry Bink? Any PG stories?

Oh, that’s a hard one. Just recently he got some pet goats and I have a dog. We both really like to hangout at the beach and my dog and his two goats were just playing. A bunch of people came up and started taking pictures of our pets playing at the beach.

Any Netflix guilty pleasures?

I actually just recently canceled my Netflix. Now I am just a Hulu guy. I love the show Animal Kingdom.

Last song on Spotify?

I have been recently listening to this playlist called relax deep house.

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