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Photos from new skate video edit of ME ambassador Richard Tury


Nov 302020

Slovak professional skateboarder and the only Central European aspirant to participate in the Olympics in 2021 Richard Tury became a member of the new project SkateTripping of the Czech professional skateboarder Tomáš Vintr. Tomáš put together a group of his closest friends and together they went around the world on adventure and adrenaline trips full of skateboarding. In addition to Rišo, Tomáš and the Czech skater Honza Bašný, foreign riders such as Zander Gabriel (USA), Daisuke Nakaura (JPN), Kieron Brodie (MALAYSIA), Yuto Horigome (JPN) and Dave Bachinsky (USA) will appear in the individual episodes.

The whole 5-episode series will be broadcasted by the Czech TV channel Prima COOL in December, and you can look forward to a lot of fun, shots from interesting locations and especially skateboarding. Tomáš's crew will gradually visit Malaysia, Thailand, the USA, Canada and China. First episode is out on 1st of December!

Tomáš Vintr (CZ)

Czech professional skateboarder, owner of several medals from X-Games, three-time Czech skateboarding champion and traveller who came up with the SkateTripping series. From an early age, he moved towards a sports career as he swam competitively or played football. He started skateboarding after a major injury in 1996 and in 2000 he won the first race of the Czech Skateboard Cup series. He has been Vans world team rider since 2003 and has been gaining travel experience since then. From 2005 to 2010 he lived alternately in Melbourne, Australia, from 2012 to 2016 in Los Angeles, USA, which he visits very regularly to this day.


Favourite destinations: Australia, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, South Africa

Favourite memories from filming: Paintball war with Manny Santiago at Camp Woodward, mobile translation and the situation in China, Jetski and the zipline on the island of Langkawi.

Hobbies: Traveling, program moderation, marketing

Favourite food: Poquito Mas (Los Angeles - Mexican), Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

Favourite drink: Excellent beer, good coffee


Richard Tury (SK)

Slovak professional skateboarder and the only Central European aspirant to participate in the Olympics in 2021. Born in Košice, Slovakia in 1993, he started skateboarding in 2000. In 2018 he became the winner of prestigious GrandPrix Beroun and in 2019 he became the winner of the Fise World series, including the 5-time Slovak Champion and three-time Czech champion. Rišo is nicknamed a "skate machine" in the whole skatetripping group and he has to stand on his skateboard literally 7 times a week. Unlike the others, Rišo is the one who is looking for skate spots, skate parks and riding opportunities in all locations during the filming, and we owe it to him for increasing the ratio of skateboarding to experience throughout the show.


Favourite destinations: Russia

Favourite memory from the shoot: Every night at the Park Royal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur (ep.1) and our VIP Floor happy hour - free drinks and food and chill with friends

Hobbies: Gym, bike, travel and graffiti

Favourite food: Veggie Tostada from Poquito Mas Restaurant in Los Angeles

Favourite drink: Beer, Monster Energy and coffee