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Skywalker on their new video Venom and future plans

Mar 162016

Skywalker have released their new video Venom on Sunday, they continue in their furious touring all around Europe and we can expect much more!


Your brand new video was released on Sunday; can you tell us more about it? Where did you shoot it and how the shooting went?

The video was shot in multifunctional space Papírna in Pilsner. We will also play concert there with Vladimir 518 this Wednesday. The shooting was a multiple hours job in crazy winter. Filming was directed by experienced musician and author of many video clips Radim Veznik from Brno, with whom we have already worked on the video for Survival. The postproduction was done by Zak Pinchin from UK.

You are well known for your crazy concert tempo, you play almost every week during the whole year how do you manage to do it with work or school?

We play both weekends and regular tours. I have had to quit the school because of that, however we all have jobs, but it is of course not easy. However music is the clear number one priority.

In April, you go on tour to the UK. You are going to play eight gigs in eight nights. How are you perceived by foreign audience. Is there any difference between playing in Czech Republic and playing in the western countries?

I feel more or less like at home in Germany, Austria or Switzerland are great destinations for us as well. We have been very positively surprised by Milano in northern Italy yesterday. The western countries have older and more mature scene, generally more professional attitude towards the bands and more money. The UK might bet he hardest places in „Europe“, but we have fallen in love with it, we have our fans over there and we are looking forward to go there.

What are the important plans for Skywalker this year?

We are going to record the rest of our three track EP in UK. We want it to push us further and enhance readability of our sound.

Your merchandise has sort of become a „cult“ as well. Do you plane any news?

Sure. Early this year, we have released a huge amount of our most favourite designs together with some news. Depending on how fast we sell our stuff we will create brand new merch.