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Skywalker Czech hardcore band photoshoot Ultra Citron

Skywalker released new video Caffeine

Jul 212017

Skywalker just recently released their new video for the single Caffeine and are conquering major stages on huge local festivals. We talked to them about the video and their summer season.


You recently released your newest single and video Caffeine. What is it about?

Caffeine is sort of a search for where all the negativity and inability to communicate comes from. These are things that have been complicating my relationships with people, especially those romantic, for years and that's why I am looking into it.

How do you select sites and "stories" for videos? Is it always on the basis of lyrics, or rather random things that you think of or you like?

In case of Caffeine, we mainly wanted to keep some sort of unity with the theme of the whole CD, sticking visually to that "home" environment. The story kinda follows the lyrics, i tis basically that searching. And playing band.. it is still rock video.

Do you plan to release any album or EP this year?

EP (Sugar House)

We are in half of the festival season, what were the highlights so far?

We are new to big stages and since we managed to cope with them and the reactions from fans are great, even after releasing the video, everything is all right at the moment.

You performed on huge stages of the biggest local festivals such as RFP or Mighty sounds. Is it something you have to specially prepare for or is it the same like in club?

It is different because you have to cope with the fact, that the stage is a lot bigger, so you kind of work out. But i tis ok, I love to run. The second thing is that there are a lot more people you want to get moving. You really have to work hard. But it is great. It is like a club, but bigger. Plus you have a chance to do you best and reach those who have just been walking around.

Where can people see you in the other half of the summer?

We have just uploaded our tour schedule to our Facebook, I would point out for example Brutal Assault festival in Jaroměř or Free & Easy festival in Munich. However the best is to checkout our website, where are all dates.