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SOUND CHECK with Spiritbox at House Of Blues, Anaheim

Oct 042022

Spiritbox’s husband and wife duo, guitarist Mike Stringer and vocalist Courtney LaPlante, left their former band, Iwrestledabearonce, hungering to be more experimental and create a safe space in metal music for bold experimentation. Initially, the twosome developed an approach to fanbase-building concentrated on the Internet and introduced their music through acclaimed music videos. Monster Energy SOUND CHECK was on the scene for the band’s second-ever North American headline show during a sold-out Anaheim House Of Blues performance, even popping in during Spiritbox’s appearance at Blue Ridge Rock Fest.

Spiritbox takes its name from a paranormal device thought to be able to communicate with the dead. And coursing through their work is a sense of crossing over, but not just from the realm of the living. Spiritbox incorporates a broad array of styles and electronic elements into their singular metal concoction. The band’s music is courageously emotive and boasts bold textures, dazzling metal virtuosity, and anthemic hooks. To date, Spiritbox has released two EPs, several singles, and the debut album, Eternal Blue.

For the band’s SOUND CHECK episode, the quartet are taking their singular metal to the stage after years of an online-only existence. Guitarist Mike Stringer details that the band has put in three to four months of hard work to bring to life its intricate and deftly-layered metal.


“The Internet is our comfort zone — this is out of the ordinary for us — and seeing all these people coming to the show feels like someone pranked us,” Courtney LaPlante says, marveling over the band’s live-performance reception while sipping a Monster beverage. She continues: “We finally get to see who the fans are — we get to see people being themselves and wearing what they want. We wanted to create a safe space.”


For SOUND CHECK, Monster Energy sneaks into the band’s first meet-and-greet and see a vibrant parade of fans thrilled to finally meet a band they’ve only experienced through the Internet. There is a warm exchange between band and fans and a feeling that Spiritbox’s anything-goes musicality and its heart-on-its-sleeves sentimentality deeply resonates with its fans.


Mike and Courtney have been working on music for 14 years, and Courtney talks about how they’ve seen other bands rise up quickly or plateau and what it takes to make an impact in music today.


“What sets yourself apart is an obsession with music,” she says. Spiritbox has had its own wild success story, sticking to their passion for experimental metal. The band amassed 66 million streams before they’d released a debut album, growing that number to 155 million following the release of the band’s first full-length, Eternal Blue, which hit #1 on the U.S. and Canadian Rock and Hard Rock charts, and peaked at #13 on the Billboard 200. Their debut lived up to the promise of its early singles, and the buzzed-about band garnered much critical acclaim. Spiritbox graced the covers of Revolver, Pollstar, Metal Hammer, and Rock Sound, and garnered support from the likes of Loudwire, Forbes, Billboard, AltPress, and SPIN.


To perform live, Spiritbox has expanded its lineup to a quartet including drummer Zev Rose and a rotating cast of live bassists. Zev says that the cards finally lined up for the band to tour and share the music with its fans. The festivities get even sweeter with a jolt of energy from SiriusXM Metal Ambassador Jose Mangin, also the founder and president of Headbang For Science — the first and only public charity dedicated to headbangers who excel in science and want to pursue a medical career. On behalf of Headbang For Science, Jose presents a $20,0000 college scholarship check during the show to a high school metalhead who is passionate about medicine and science.