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Warsaw SGP Freddie lindgren celebrates on the podium


May 142017

Over 50,000 super-charged speedway fans packed into Warsaw’ national stadium and witnessed one of the best Grand Prix events in recent memory as Swedish racer Freddie Lindgren roared to victory.

It was always going to be an exciting battle but nobody could predict just how exciting it turned out to be and there were some races that were so close you had to watch from behind your fingers – it was that good.

“I lost my head in the game a bit tonight and that’s something I haven’t done for a long time, so I’m disappointed. It’s a big test for me now but that’s good because it will keep me fresh and focused, I wasn’t off the pace tonight but I’ve just got to work a bit harder at it. The decision to exclude me in my second race rattled my cage a bit, I was shocked and I thought ‘okay, I see how it is with this ref’. We changed bikes halfway through and the second bike was better but the damage was done by then, I’ve just got to put tonight behind me and get back in the game for Latvia next up.” - Greg Hancock

“It was better than the first GP where I didn’t make the Semi’s but obviously I want to get further than that so next time we’ve got to target the Final. I feel like I was riding good and we had a good set-up but I just missed the start in the Semi and I couldn’t get it back, but such is life and I’ll have to make up for it in the next round. All in all I’m fine with how the night went.”- Tai Woffinden

“It was an average start and then I was on the back foot from the get-go, I didn’t feel too bad but I messed up at the start and then didn’t have the speed. I searched for it all night and sort of got it going at the end but at the end is too late, you’re just playing catch up. The field is so tough, if you’re not on song then you’re made to look really ordinary and all night we were just trying to get on the pace at least. I managed to pick up a win, I don’t know how that happened, but it’s just not working. I’m doing everything I can do to make something out of it but you can’t get away with it or you’ll end up where I am at the moment down the bottom.”- Chris Holder

“It was not bad, the first heats were good for me but later in the meeting was a bit bad. I got to the Semi-Final but nine points is a good score, it could be better though. It was crazy to see 50,000 in the stadium, before my second race I could hear the fans chanting my name and it gave me goosebumps, all my hair stood up. It was crazy! I had a big crash but I feel good, I have no damage so I will be fine and I am looking forward to the next round. I know the track in Latvia a little bit so I feel positive about it.”- Patryk Dudek