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Monster Energy at day 1 of the 2015 Nine Knights in Livigno, Italy


May 102016

We caught up with Nico Zacek, the man, the myth, the legend behind the Suzuki Nine Queens and Nine Knights to see what makes him tick, his plans for the season and some exciting things to come from one of the most awesome events on the snowsports calend!So how’s it all going?Its very early and I am sitting in Geneva airport and I am waiting for my shuttle to the Frostgun Invitational and super stoked to go ride some pow!What gets you stoked year after year to be working in the action sports industry? Well even though obviously work is stressful and can be annoying just as any other industry, after each and every project I have done I have huge smile on my face because usually it involves a lot of people doing a lot of cool things and being super happy with the outcome! The best example is Nine Knights - every year I am annoyed by it and I think ‘ahhh I wanna stop this’ but when I am onsite experiencing the energy that the group has, having a lot of fun and progressing the sport together in a beautiful sunset scenario it gives me so much back that there is just no option for me to stop! Can you remember your very first experience skiing? Yes I can, it was a hill right outside my parents flat and whenever it snowed I was so keen on skiing there. My Dad would pull me up the slope with his poles and I was maybe 3 or 4 just cruising down. I loved it from the beginning and I still do! After years of riding professionally, are you still hooked on skiing?  Well, I would say I am hooked in a different way – I still love skiing but the body doesn’t do what I want it to do anymore so to be honest I love skiing but I just as hooked on surfing or mountain biking or even playing ice hockey. Nowadays it’s a combination of sports that gets me stoked but today I am going to go shred some powder in Val D’ Isere and I am pretty happy about that one!