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Stacey-Lee May | Catching up with the Queen of Smoke

May 262020

Lockdown in South Africa is many things for many people, but one person who has taken it in her stride is 23-year-old ‘spinner’ and daredevil Stacey-Lee May from Eldorado Park.

Her crazy car tricks and spinning performances have seen her recognised as one of South Africa’s most well-known and popular car-spinners, and she has made appearances on shows like So You Think You Can Spin, Top Gear SA and The Grand Tour. She also received the Gauteng’s Woman of Honour award and starred alongside South African actress, Charlize Theron on Netflix’s Motorsport show, Hyperdrive.

For now, however, her engines are cooling.


“We planned fairly well,” said Monster Energy athlete Stacey-Lee of the family’s lockdown approach. “Knowing that the shops were going to shut, we went out and bought some important parts for the vehicles we wanted to work on so that we would have enough to do during the Lockdown. We are building up and working on a V8 that we hope to have ready for when Lockdown finishes.”


Now that we are deep in Lockdown however, Stacey-Lee’s daily life has changed dramatically.


“Well, nowadays I wake up whenever, and watch some tv or do some baking, which I have learned during Lockdown, which is great,” said Stacey-Lee. “On top of that, we have to look at different ways to hold events. Spinning and drifting events attract huge crowds, so we are going to have to adapt as soccer has adapted with no spectators and with online streaming.”

Stacey-Lee has another trick up her sleeve for when the Lockdown eases and when all get going again. “I’m playing Playstation all the time to work on my skills, I’ve been playing Need For Speed since the start.”


When it comes to inspiration to keep her going during this time of relative inactivity, Stacey-Lee doesn’t have to look far. “I look up to my mom for inspiration, because she has been looking after us and pushing forward during Lockdown,” said Stacey-Lee. “I also look up to the other athletes, because no matter what, they are all staying positive.”


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