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State of Mind Project 2017

State of Mind - Dylan Southworth

Oct 082017

Dylan Southworth is characterized by one of the cleanest, most radical and fluid styles of Latin American surf. With more than 10 years of experience in the waves and hundreds of national podiums, this time Dylan reveals many of the things he had never talked about as a professional surfer.



Which is more important at the start of the competition, skill or attitude?  

Both Skill & Attitude are Important at the beginning of a competition. But Skill will get you through the Heats.

A lot can go through your mind before a ride, how do you manage all the internal noise?

Having the right mindset is key to being calm and focused before or during the Ride

In reference to the video, State of Mind, which is the state of mind that you put yourself into in order to succeed?

Having Fun & Feeling the Connection With Mother Nature

Do you believe fear becomes your enemy or your friend when you’re out in the ocean? 

I think Fear can be Both Friend and Enemy. It keeps the Adrenaline Pumping at All Times Making you Push the Limits Time and Time Again

Do you have a ritual before your competitions? 

Eat, Surf, Stretch and Sleep

Do you have a lucky item with you at all times?

Just my Conscience

Talk to us a bit about your connection that you’ve built between nature and your sport.

Surfing in my opinion is by far the Most Extreme Board-sport. Being Out In the Ocean Not Knowing What the Next Wave might Bring is Always Thrilling & Mother Nature can Humble You at any Given Moment

What has been your favorite ride in your career? 

Its Hard to Say Ive had so many, Probably a wave I surfed during a WQS event in Puerto Escondido where I scored a 9.67 . Waves were average that day yet this perfect right stood up in front of me and I got so Barreled it was Amazing!

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