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new  MTB athlete  Ricardo Peredo

State of Mind - Ricardo Peredo

Oct 082017

At 23 years young, Ricardo Peredo has been a part of more than a dozen urban downhill competitions. State of Mind was filmed at one of the most extreme competitions on the planet, Down Puerto Vallarta, where over 30,000 packed the streets of Mexico. So how did Peredo deal with this mixture of adrenaline, euphoria and nerves before pedaling and descending the mountain? Find out below!




Which is more important at the start of the competition, skill or attitude?

I believe its a combination of both and they have to be balanced. You have to work a lot to do it properly but once you do it, its totally worth it.

A lot can go through your mind before a ride, how do you manage all the internal noise?

I just live the moment, enjoy it minute by minute and try not to think about anything else.

You have a long list of injuries, how do you overcome these obstacles when you get back on your bike?

Getting confidence and speed back after an injury its working process that involves a lot of rehab sessions and a fair amount of mental game. This in order to get back at 100% and don’t risk a comeback injury.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in Downhill competition?

I became national champion back in 2014 when I was 19, that and fastest Mexican/12th international at City Downhill World Tour final in Taxco 2016.

What was the toughest section of the Down Puerto Vallarta course?

There was a sketchy drop in with loose dirt and a tight corner at the very beginning, that was a tricky one.

Do you have a ritual before your competitions?

Not anything specific, I just like to put some music as soon as I wake up and prepare my stuff 

Do you have a lucky item with you at all times?

Nope, but I´d like to have one hahaha

Which has been your toughest ride in your career?

The one a have more present is race day in Down Puerto Vallarta, I was feeling really comfortable and fast on track, I knew that if I did a solid run I would have been top 5 at least. All of a sudden I was on the back of an ambulance, without a clue where I was. It was definitely a hard pill to swallow. 

Talk to us a bit about your connection that you’ve built between nature and your sport.

This connection is one of the main factors why I love mountain biking, getting to amazing places in the middle of nowhere, breathing fresh clean air,  get lost and into the wild, forget about civilization and just ride. Best feeling ever. 

What is your biggest fear?

Stop enjoying life. By this I mean stop doing the things I like to do. 

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