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State of Mind - Sam Reynolds

Oct 102017

England’s own, Sam Reynolds, has more than 9 years of Mountain Biking experience. This global icon visited Mexico to participate in his first urban downhill competition, "Down Puerto Vallarta" and is also one of our featured athletes in the soon to be released State of Mind video! Learn more about Reynolds below:




Which is more important at the start of the competition, skill or attitude?

Both are important, whoever has the most skill has the best chance but you have to be confident in a dangerous sport like this.

What is your biggest fear?

Not being happy.

Is there a moment in your career that you recall when you overcame a fear and the end result became one of your greatest accomplishments?

Every week really! The biggest example I guess is Rampage, it is super risky but the superman across the canyon is probably my career highlight.

A lot can go through your mind before a ride, how do you manage all the internal noise?  

It's not easy, its the biggest battle for a freerider. You have to be mentally strong and believe in your knowledge of what you can and can't do. Sometimes knowing its not right and stepping back is just as important.

Do you have a ritual before your competitions? 

No just relax and have fun, that's when I ride the best.

Do you have a lucky item with you at all times?

No but I always put my right knee pad on first!

Which has been your toughest ride in your career?

Rampage is the worst, a week of solid building then straight into the gnarliest thing you've ever tried!

Which has been the ride you’ve enjoyed the most?

I really like anything in the FEST Series, the jumps are always big and work well and its always a great time.  We work more as a team to create a great video rather than against each other like in a competition.

What’s the connection that you find with nature and your sport?

It’s one of the closest linked sports to nature. We get to ride in some super remote places around the world and see countless numbers of different terrains.  a lot of the time you can just ride a natural track too, no built features at all which is really cool, not too many sports are like that.

What was your reaction when you found out you were coming to Mexico to compete at Down Puerto Vallarta? Talk to us about your first urban downhill competition.

It was great! Of course I have seen the Urban downhill events before and thought it looked really cool but never thought I would race one, not really being a racer myself. But when Monster invited me to come and try it out I couldn’t say no! I came really to ride the jumps but actually the racing and the course was awesome. Was a real challenge to even ride down the course let alone at speed, but was a wicked personal challenge especially with so many people watching and cheering us on.

How do you adjust to a change such as urban downhill?

Knowing the grip level is important, but that's difficult as we don’t really practice racing on streets! Especially different pavement surfaces, wood, dust etc. It also has tight walls and steep steps which I totally want used to riding so fast next to. One tiny mistake and you can really hit something hard.

What does Mexico have that you have not found or seen elsewhere around the world?

Great hospitality, incredible food, amazing views and cool surfing. It was actually my first time in Mexico and it was true what people say, it was just a big party the whole time!

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